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  • No probs! I am on a long hiatus as well, just because of school. I am fine, just busy. What about you?
    I know I'm way too late to respond, but eh :)
    I don't blame you.

    The biggest difference is that Mach openly uses the villain group's powers.

    Maybe, I mean she offered to give me a ride home from work if the weather's bad outside and gave me her number

    Now, my last dog is a quiet dog who likes to sleep.
    You're welcome!

    Plus Kamen Rider Mach acts a lot like Yuya. Of course this is in Kamen Rider Drive.

    I just got back from Red Robin and that very same waitress said that if my new tv wasn't hooked up this weekend, she would get her brothers to help me. Is that weird?

    Sadly one of my dogs died this weekend. She had diabetes and died a few days after Christmas.
    Well Merry xmas 2 u sorry for the late reply, I was busy :c

    How did the tests go? Pls tell me u aced them!

    Oh nice, what kind of tablet is it?
    You'll get even better, I can tell!

    Yeah, there are especially since this week's Arc-V is SychroYuya vs. XyzYuya vs. Yuya.

    It's in the 30's but sunny and tomorrow's gonna be 60 degrees here. Lemonades tastes really good with strawberries in it. Plus there's a waitress there who always tries to talk to me if she's there.
    Watched every episode so far and it's pretty good. Now i have to wait a week for each episode now :(
    Looks cool.

    You should the finale makes it worth it.

    I'm doing alright except for the fact that friday I have to walk home after work. Also I had the best lemonade today at Red Robin.
    That's awesome!

    The big flaw in season 2 was Korra's uncle was a less crazy Vector who was possessed by a giant Dark Storm. Season 3 on the other hand was epic on many levels.

    Maybe he was traumatized by Vector and Dark Mist. So how's it going with you?

    ATLA was one of the best shows ever and the spin off was great too except season 2 with those dark mist look-a-likes.
    Practice makes perfect.

    I'm crying right now after the Legend of Korra ended.. So much tears. I'll warn you Arc-V is darker now and most of it happened because of Sora.
    You're welcome. That's nice of you.

    I will. Of course if I did, it would be of Shun or Yuto since those are my favorite characters in Arc-V.
    One thing i'm excited for Arc-V is the fact that they use every summon. One of my issues with 5DS, Zexal and GX to an extent was the overusage of Synchro summon in 5DS, XYZ summon in Zexal and fusion summon in GX, using every summon available will add some variation to the episodes.
    Well at least she's a friendly teacher. I'm sure you'll like it more. Chemistry can be pretty fun. I hear what you mean there. Like me at work, the day before my vacation I was so ready for it I let my work slack so much.
    Unfortunately it just keeps getting harder. XD With all the time you've spent away from here, you'll do well especially if school's one of your primary focuses. ^^

    School is pretty stressful. XD I'm glad to be done with it for now.

    Oooh! Drawing tablets are cool. It's always nice to get something you've wanted for so long too. ^^ I'm happy for you.
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