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  • Why not, right? The nickname's "Aka Manda"; basically, "Red Mence" ("red" referring to the bloodshed of the massacre it's capable of pulling).
    I'll try your invites. Make sure you select "Lv.100 Single" and turn Voice Chat OFF. (Press X to do so.)
    Unfortunately, if you don't have a very good connection, the game has a nasty tendency of failing to connect, even in the middle of a battle.
    Get your team all set. Add my Friend Code to your Pal Pad. (You can find my Friend Code on my profile.) Then, go to the lower floor of the Pokemon Center (where you can pick up the Pal Pad if you don't have it yet), talk to the middle receptionist, get connected, and challenge me by pressing A. Then, we fight!

    Well, actually, you challenged me before. But still, I CHALLENGE YOU! LOL
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