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  • Your Jaguar avatar looks really cool. Did you draw it yourself?
    First day a bit slow, not much to do
    The main thing I have done today is battling in the next UvD.
    How's the jaguar enjoying the 'Catty New Year' - still 38 minutes where I live
    Yeah. It’s probably our ages that’s affecting our opinions. :p I’m sure the younger anime fans probably love the current anime more than we do since they grew up with them. Same is said for all kinds’ media entertainment, especially music and movies. xD

    I only saw the Japanese version of Cowboy Bebop so I can’t really comment on the dub. ^^; Yeah Gundam Wing is a great anime either in dub or sub. ^_^

    I’m sure it will see DVD release in America soon…we just don’t know when. Speaking of Evangelion, Japan will be getting a Blu-ray release of Neon Genesis Evangelion and the movies (not the Rebuilds) this year! I hope America gets’ it soon after. I will buy a Blu-ray player just for Evangelion (yes I do not have any Blu-ray players in my home. Never had a reason to buy one. ><).

    I should point that in 3.0, most of the characters have changed but Misato’s character has changed dramatically in the movie. She is now a cold and stern captain and leader of an organization with her fun, klutzy and humorous side all gone. With all that being said, Misato still retains her caring personality deep in her heart but she’s now become the typical, strict, by-the-book military leader.
    I also don't like brash characters. In fact, Asuka is the only brash anime character I ever liked. Another hats off to the studio crew of NGE. xD

    Indeed. I still enjoy anime of today but they just.... not the same as back in the day. :/

    The only dubbed anime I liked was Gundam Wing. They did job with selecting the right voice actors for the dub version. :)

    I saw the first 2 which are great. The 3rd one I watched online but the fan subbing was terrible. >_> I’m waiting for the official DVD release so I can watch the 3rd one again in better quality and accurate translations. :)
    More Mega Evolutions would be great as well. :) *crosses fingers for Pokemon Z* Lapras = awesomeness

    Glad we both like Asuka. :) NGE did a good job with character development (especilly the females) imo. xD

    Sub. I never watch anime or foreign movies and drama dubbed. :D

    I liked the movie too but nothing beats the original TV sereis. xD Have you seen all three of the movies? I heard the 3rd one has not been released on DVD stateside yet.
    I understand. :) I'm glad I could talk to you again my friend. =D

    I just play them single player. I have been hearing rumors that Pokemon Z is in the works. I hope that’s true. :)

    I agree! :) What are your favorite Evangelion characters?
    Mine is Asuka Langley Soryu/Asuka Shikinami Langley. She's kind of a tragic character (like Misato and Shinji). It's sad what happened to her mom and how it affected her. But she is smart and confident even if she comes off as arrogant. Plus she's a red head. :) Her Rebuild counterpart (Shikinami) has some differences but is still overall similar to Soryu and imo still awesome. :)

    If I had to make a list from favorite to least it would be like this:
    1. Asuka Langley Soryu/Asuka Shikinami Langley
    2. Rei Ayanami
    3. Misato Katsuragi
    4. Mari Illustrious Makinami
    5. Shinji Ikari
    6. Ritsuko Akagi
    7. Maya Ibuki
    8. Kaworu Nagisa
    9. Hikari Horaki
    10. Ryoji Kaji

    What did you think of the Rebuilds?
    I like AS but haven't played much of it.

    I saw some anime recently. :) Have you seen Neon Genesis Evangelion (or the Rebuilds)?
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