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  • Hello! It's been 3 years?! That went by too fast because I'm already a first year in college haha!

    That contest was super fun and I chose a Marth amiibo!

    How are you doing?
    Oh you are certainly special. The only one to like my comments no matter the content!

    Ah yes. I have Illusion of Time, which was the precursor to Terranigma I believe. Not sure if that's a rare one or not? I had a lot of fun playing that one as a kid, and I remember the manual had the locations for all of the red gems, which was really useful!

    Mhmm, houses here are smaller and more expensive than over there, as we have such a tiny amount of space for the number of people.

    I've been streaming all of the games I've been playing at a LAN party over this weekend. It has been pretty cool! Only got about 4 hours of sleep in 3 nights, but that's part of the fun! I am looking forward to seeing your collection one day! I used to have a group on the forums called Pokémon Collectors, but I think it was wiped when they moved.

    You have some very good pets! Do they get along, or do you need to keep them apart? Your cat is very long!
    Then here, have another! >:D

    I had to look up what game that was, but I knew it had to be Illusion of Gaia! I have it too! I honestly never knew they were part of the same series. :0 Apparently both of them are part of the Soul Blazer series.

    You know, that sounds a lot like Japan! xD

    Ooo that's cool! What games did you play through? I got FE Fates on Friday and I was playing it non-stop! I'm really surprised a lot of people are way ahead of me. xD

    Thank you! I have to keep them in different parts of the house, I can't really trust her around my little buddy! And haha she's actually kind of small! I started volunteering at a cat rescue for one of my classes on Saturday and all the cats there were kind of big and a little chubby! I couldn't tell if they were being fed too much or it's just that most of the cats are male. x'D
    It's a nice game, one of the first that I can remember playing that had a story beyond just "saving the world". It had loads of religious themes and spiritual stuff, and the bit on the raft sticks with me for some reason.

    It's a bit like Japan, only with less Pokémon Centres.

    Didn't play through anything that has a defined ending, it was mainly multiplayer games like Quake and Heroes of the Storm. Worms Armageddon turned out to be a surprise hit! Have you managed to beat your new game yet?

    Male kitties tend to be bigger, but maybe they're also fat too!

    P.S. Sorry for the convo spam, it told me there was an error the first 3 times, so it ended up sending loads of messages!

    P.P.S. You looking forward to the new Pokémon game reveals on Saturday? i'm looking forward to getting a free Generations booster pack and 20th anniversary card sleeve on PTCGO!

    Could be better, could be worse, same old same old.
    I've finally located this message on the new forums, hurrah!

    I'm equally uninspired lately. Looking forward to any upcoming game releases?
    It's a pendulum between the two for me. I'll at least watch the first episode and who am I kidding, probably the whole thing, if only to snark at it with a friend like we did with second half of the original series, but that is definitely a concern. I'm assuming we'll be treated to either present day B.O.B.!Cooper, or at least flashbacks of him being removed from Cooper's body.
    Those fuckers. It's hasn't been too bad his past year. Would've been better if we had coworkers who weren't distracted so easily, but we still managed to get weekend freight done by Monday up until these past couple of weeks. Now when I come in for shift, I don't even know where to start there's so much shit to do.

    I kinda want to play Five Nights at Freddy's, but don't trust my laptop to run it without lag. That and playing on a laptop, I'd likely to get distracted by BMGf, YouTube, other random shit, etc. Layton looks like fun, but I feel like it's too late for me to get into the series. Same with Ace Attorney.
    Me either. I mean, the Colosseum demo gave you a free Jirachi, a preview of the game, and iirc a preview of the sixth movie, but the goal was different from the main series of games (despite Bulbapedia classifying the Orre games as main games.)
    Funny enough, I was just talking to my cousin's friend's dad's college roommate about arranging an interview with them!
    Yep! Last year as a gift actually, but I only just got back into last month (stopped at Dodongo's Cavern for whatever reason). Other than the Bottom of the Well I heard good things about it.
    especially after Zelda Williams showed up to E3 with Majora's Mask. It seems like it would take some time to get used to the saving style of the game, but yeah, I hear lots of good things about MM too, like for the final dungeon. Very spoopy for LoZ. I look forward to playing it.
    Fuuuuu didn't know they were taking preorders already anywhere, I should look into getting one for myself.

    I wish you luck on your quest to acquire one!

    I am a Kakuna through and through, but I think I may have Slow Start for a hidden ability.

    Regarding the quick chat, I'm afraid not today.
    I'm surprised it's even a question for one who's viewed Twin Peaks. (Speaking of which, nine new episodes, holy shit! I'm excited and worried at the same time.)
    Was that year round or just around the holiday season?

    We might. It's part of the reason my brother chipped in on the WiiU was supposed to chip in on the WiiU, with the other being MK8. (Maybe with SSB4 coming out for it he'll do it, I think the only thing he's done on it is play a few races on MK8 and an hour of Wind Waker.)
    's very likely. I'm sort of excited about the Delta Episode, but besides giving out free stuff along with Steven (even though he was being a lazy ass) and all the MattxTabitha the demo didn't get me pumped up for the game. Recycling missions that take you around five minutes to complete does not equate to fun. you gotta turn it into a full game, go for eight badges, maybe split the story across two or three cartridges :u

    That's how I feel about it, along with TP. xD Great games, but it's been a few years now.
    However, I'm determined to not repeat this trend with OoT! (and maybe MM!)

    damn right! now excuse me while I once again take on the role of a 10 year old who is able to solve all of her by forcing magical creatures into cockfights.

    Nah, I usually don't go shopping that weekend because dealing with the people at my store is enough. xD Less beefy biceps, more bruised shins.

    Oh? :eek:
    Thankfully not a lot of gummi shit (we still have so much leftover from summer. T_T), but a shitload of candy corn. Lemon raspberry, tangerine, and a few other yucky combinations. Bleh. And now it is time for Christmas, where we continue to be bombarded by freight until the seasonal department clears out their toy warehouse. I don't known what the hell they're thinking sending us so much stuff at once, we can barely move around in our section of the warehouse.
    I haven't played SSB4 3DS, demo or full. But I do have the ORAS demo. Two more playthroughs and then the heart scale set is mine!

    A (ridiculously) belated thank you, Snoo-snoo.

    That desert area does indeed exist in in SS! The boss is a gigantic version of Mike Wazowski and Celia Mae's child. [IMG]
    As for the water one, a portion of the forest area floods, so it's like a water area? And the Ancient Cistern is like a water temple.

    your guess is as good as mine

    Perhaps. This is the first year I've had to work all of Black Friday weekend (despite it being my off weekend) instead of just the actual day. It's good because more money and hopefully we'll be able to catch up on all these damn pallets of freight, but it's just knowing that I have it coming up that sucks, ya know?
    Just like in Monty Python, only less British.
    I've heard Sakurai tried to fashion SSB4 so as to... not necessarily help Project M, but not interfere with it either?

    Possibly; I haven't been keeping up with AT reveals.
    Are you happy Meta Knight was confirmed? (Not that there was much doubt he was going to be in it)

    Same; got up to the final boss fight, failed to utilize the lightning properly, and died...and then never picked it up after that. .-.
    Depending on one's definition of party; I'd have 1-5 friends over and we'd all play (or rotate if over the controller limit) on the N64/NGC/Wii, or I'd go to friends' houses and attempt to play their Playstations. and suffer the humiliation of never knowing my shapes orz

    Oh boy, we have new management way up top now, and they're talking about split and night shifts (I'd volunteer for the latter if it was from like 6pm-midnight or something). They're also cutting back on the full-timers' hours, and there's rumors about being open on holidays (in which case my department head is just gonna say "fuck it" and quit.)
    Thanks for the encouragement, Dan. =)
    In Japan there is furikake, and I have had many different kids. I like the beef and egg the most ^^ but right now I am eating wasabi furikake. There are many things in Japan I like to eat ^^ Great food! itadakimasu~
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