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  • My favorite haunt on here was deleted while you were away. So I'm no longer an active member here and don't check my messages on a regular basis. Instead my time is spent offsite on the new Pit Stop, where I am an administrator (originally a Moderator).

    I recently got Railworks 4 (AKA Train Simulator 2013) and have been LPing it for the past few weeks. I recently downloaded the Southern Pacific GS-4s and the Southern Pacific Cab Forwards. I also have the Union Pacific Big Boys and Challengers installed. I hope to get the Donner Pass route soon, very likely by the end of next week. After I finish purchasing American Steam related DLC, I hope to start getting the British Steam DLCs. Railworks came with two British Steam locomotives, a 4-6-0 mixed traffic (I mainly use it on passenger runs) and a 2-8-0 freight locomotive.

    I would very much like it if you came and joined our family in the Pit Stop I need someone else who likes trains

    Oh yeah, one other interesting tidbit of steam locomotive info: N&W 611 is going to be restored to operational condition for next year's season (if they can get the funds) and I'm pretty sure you've heard that Union Pacific is looking into restoring one of the Big Boys.
    Seems that you prefer the 3D ones over the 2D. ^_^

    I saw the box covers for X&Y and now I'm even more anxious to get them. xD
    4/5 is a good score for a game or movie. :) What are your favorite Zelda games from most to least?

    Here's mine:

    1. OoT
    2. Link to the Past
    3. Skyward Sword
    4. Link's Awakening
    5. Minish Cap
    6. LoZ
    7. Zelda II

    Yeah...I still have others to play. xD
    That's okay! Things happen to all of us. ^^

    I'll give Twilight Princess a try one of these days. xD I heard the GC version better too. What would you give the game out of 5?

    May/Haruka is indeed awesome. :) I didn't notice it until u pointed that out. I wonder what's going through their heads...on 2nd thought, I'm probably better off not knowing the answer. :3

    Yay! xD
    Hey there! It's been a long time, wow. Probably about what, 6 months or so?

    How've you been?
    Thanks for liking Haruka/May. :) She was and still is my favorite Pokemon character ever! I hope they do an R/S remake soon.

    I have no idea since I'm not familiar with CoroCoro. Sorry I couldn't help. ^^;

    So how's Twilight Princess and Okami? I'm asking because I'm thinking about buying them ;)
    Nice to meet another Okami and Midna fan. :) I ,regrettably, haven't played Twilight Princess yet but I already love Midna based on what I've read and seen. ^^ Want to be friends?
    I had a fairly nice Christmas and a decent new year.

    Sadly, I'm already making it's replacement, which should be up by the end of the month.
    You are? Why have I never seen you?!
    Midna~ Personally I favour her Imp form over her real one. You?

    Goth-types XD
    I guess you like the Gothita line then? Or not?
    Oh, yes, that thread XD

    I'm mainly on the Fun and Games section, so I was thinking 'I don't know this guy!!'
    Yes, I'm amazing aren't I?

    Midna! Yay! She is amazing, right?! Although I haven't played TP for ages, I'm hooked to Ocarina of Time (3DS)
    Oh, gosh. You're the first person to appreciate my username

    'ello there fellow Okami~

    I'm glad you think so highly of my taste XD Rarity may not be British, but she sure is fabulous :D
    How did you find me? :p
    Her sisters also can stir up some trouble. They are twins, but it's fairly easy to tell them apart, one is flat chested.
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