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  • No. Pogeymanz does. :I

    Oh, that's fine. :3 Nothing new regarding John and Patrick and Guy #3, I presume?
    Ah, I see. Thanks. :3 I was about to say, I'm asexual, so, uh...

    But really, a lot of the guys you'd meet on a Pokemon forum wouldn't be part of the usual crowd. :p
    Well, as for the former, teen-age guys tend to be lunatics when it comes to sex. I guess the group your friend became acquainted with viewed virginity as something to look down upon, as in "you haven't done it yet, HAH, you're such a pansy". That's not how all guys their age are, but it's not exactly rare for teen-age boys to be complete lecherous perverts. As for the latter, I think it's just a case of finding somebody else to blame.

    We get better later on, trust me. :p
    Maybe they just need time. Or maybe they're talking among each other. I think you should just give the whole thing time.
    I imagine there wouldn't be porn of MCR... unless there's some sort of video out there that the guys made when they were drunk or something.

    Why do I even put these thoughts in my own head? e_e

    And hey, be sure to let me know about any further developments on this whole Patrick-and-John thing. ;3
    I think he's probably talking to John. xD

    Now I think you should tell John to admit it to Patrick himself.

    I think it's best that John gives up before it gets out of hand (as if it's not already out of hand :p). I hope it all works out. Keep me in the know. :3
    I had no idea

    Tell John to clarify to Patrick that you aren't who he was talking about. Or to tell Patrick that he was lying all the while. Sound good?
    But it's chocolatey hell. So it's a good hell.


    I think you should tell your friend to clear things up. Tell him to go to his friend (the weirdo) and clarify himself that you aren't the girl he got it on with. Either that, or tell his friend that he was lying the whole time.

    This is kinda confusing to explain. Could you give me names? Not even real names, jsut something to differentiate them by. :p
    Chocolate and bread? You took pieces of a chocolate bar and put it on bread/toast? I've never done that, it sounds delicious. :9

    I'm pretty good today so far because I discovered a bunch of good music last night. Mainly in the realm of sludge metal, which I doubt you'd like. xP
    Oh, jeez, I was just about to close this tab and go on a YouTube binge, too. >_<

    I mean, uh, hello! :3
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