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  • Well this is awkward thing to ask but Steelrush asked me to give all his contact info to his friends. So are you still interested in talking with him or no?
    Well, you got me there.

    And now I think I'll be logging off, for I feel like devoting all my attention to Homestuck, and must sieze this fleeting emotion as 'tis still fresh in my mind. kthxbai
    Nah, this is a vampire. :F

    Coincidence is no reason to feel bad about yourself. But it's good that she realizes that.
    I'm just curious as to why, is all. It'd be interesting to me to get the other side's perspective on the issue. But whatever, I guess you've already used the free pass. :B

    Why would she feel like a coward? She wasn't aware that it was going to happen beforehand, was she? I'll be very surprised if she said yes. So it's nothing but a coincidence that shouldn't be cause for judging herself.
    Yeah, sorry. My school life has been an unusual one.

    Nothing at all. I was being awkward.
    So... smoke weed erryday?

    Right, I see now. And people called her a coward for that?
    I haven't had one. Ask somebody who doesn't go to a very small private school. e_e

    I see. Fascinating.

    That's what I thought of Homestuck at first, too.

    Wait, I'm still confused, and sorry if I accidentally depress you by asking: she narrowly avoided the attack?
    EDIT: Oh, wait, if you've mentioned her in the past, then she must still be alive. I'm smart. Just nevermind all that.
    The only person who says I suck at basketball is me! Because I do!

    Aww, bugger. What was she?

    Basically, yeah.

    I'm not sure what all this means. I'm guessing you're just venting? :S But feel free to vent anyway.
    Hey! Don't take my family name in vain!

    Words to live by.
    I dunno, it doesn't seem too invasive to me. Especially if you phrase it like you're just curious instead of judgemental or anything.

    Basically, it's fucking awesome It's a Web comic that has gained a large, dedicated cult following for its intricate story-telling and its wide assortment of characters and situations. The first time I tried reading it, I was like "What the ffffffu...", but then I tried it again a couple months ago and now here I am, starting up Act 4. There's something about it that's very attractive to me.
    I'm really bad at shooting at the basket in general, so whenever I play I'm typically a more defensive person, for offense basically just getting the ball to the other end of the court and then passing it to a guy who can actually shoot. Forget what that's called.

    Were you at least curious?
    Yeah, but why does she do it? Did you ask what she gets out of it?

    Hey, at least it's not "teh". :I

    So yeah, Homestuck. I just began act four out of six.
    It's a basketball game that uses the free throw line and half the court.It helps you work on your shooting, which is good because I suck. At everything related to basketball.

    And what does she think of it?

    It all starts with a boy in his room. And because I lack the comedic decisiveness to pick a way to begin explaining it, I'll let hte cool bros at Know Your Meme explain it for me.

    I typed the couldn't as soon as I saw the typo :I I wasn't trying to please Jackie-boy. Is your "last name" pronounced 'shit'?
    Yessiree. Jack Ass Per Pschitt's the name and self-parody's the game.
    And yet you didn't.

    That's dumb. If I were there, I would play with you and then give up in humiliation when you started beating me at around the world.

    Wow. I wonder where she gets it.

    I'm not doing much, myself. Reading Homestuck. Do you wnat me to tell you about Homestuck? Let me tell you about Homestuck.
    liek srsly
    srsly bro

    So you're being made fun of for getting off your ass?

    The emo corner is nice. I like reading the graffiti. Sometimes it's one of those forum-like etchings that asks for responses, and I respond to it. My signature tool is a black Sharpie felt-tip.
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