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  • They are right now actually. Well, it involves religion but..there so much to explain. >.< You can check on YouTube though.
    I do like reading ALMOST anything. Well, that doesn't bore me. (Twight for example. No just...no.)

    It may seem a bit...unreal but Illuminati are....basically a group of people who are trying (and eventually WILLw succeed....) t "take over/destroy the world".
    The Giver!?!? 8DD I LOVED that book! X333 Although, the third book didn't seem as interesting as the first and second.... ay, I wouldn't want to be a--...

    ...have you heard of a group called "Illuminati"?
    Its normal over. XD Somewhat. Weather is just... weird. :p But the damn idiots that try to mess with it don't know they're going to kill us sooner or later. >>
    XD I'm glad you like it. Just...don't send your cold fronts... D: And I'll be happy to feed you more sunny, sunny days~
    I actually don't know what he has. ._. But my mom doesn't want to risk wasting money on another bike that may be stolen... :
    Even that won't help. This guy, he, um.....I don't think a simple lock is gonna stop him. ._. But then again, I'm not sure if that neighbor is responsible...
    A work permit at 14!?!? damn Tejas..... >>;;;

    Something like that. Nothing Ikebukuro though. Besides, my mom won't let me walk ANYWHERE alone.
    I can't work yet, I'm not old enough. Stupid laws... > < annnnd I'm not sure if there are any opening anywhere. ._. That and I also dunno how to drive, don't have a bike, and my mom is usually out most of the time. God only knows where.
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