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  • Due to there being multiples of fanclubs for Mijumaru/Oshawott, they will all be merged into The Knights of Mijumaru club. For more information, see this announcement.


    The Bulbagarden Staff
    your recent additions to the social group, while appreciated, are not showing properly. what format are they?
    Oh, yeah sorry about that. The reason I haven't done it yet is because it's so HARD. Perhaps you could take the request to another shop.
    sorry for not looking on you shop, i just got this.
    "Pardon the double-post.

    Originally Posted by Typhlosionfan157
    can you make me a typhlosion spliced with a dragonite and its colores are chatotes colors, i do banners splices, recolores, revampes, devampes, see i work in sapphires sprite shop, but i wana give you work for your new shop, ohh yeah please? good luck on your new shop!

    Did you remember to say please? "

    accualy i did read my post again it says "ohh yeah please?"
    and i didint edit it. i was also looking forward to that splice... :-(...
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