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  • Where the hell do YOU get the gall to tell ME what to do? Don't you bloody see all the damn topics Scott has made in the past month? I'm just calling him out on it.

    Butt Out.
    Pikapi, if you can, please check the SOVA forums. I'm assuming you're still an active member and that you still wanna help us get the original VAs back.

    If this is true, then I'd really apprectiate it if you would check out the SOVA forums again. Because we've made a minor victory! So check the SOVA Announcements section! ^_^
    Yeah, that's the PM I was talking about. EDIT: Ooh, you joined SOVA! Yay! =D

    Thanks so much, Pikapi! I'm glad that you're gonna help us! ^_^
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