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  • I sometimes did. It depends on the episode. Since I'll be at university this winter, I'm not sure if I'll be able to as much though.
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    Actually characters can stay ignored for rest of series never gettng closure leaving their story open ended like they did with May or Dawn still having unfinished things like their goals,or have their stories hakfway done like Misty.And some might get ignored never getting much development or proper end like poor Tracey does.

    Thing is that characters who are no longer in main cast,writers dont have to develop anymore leaving some things without closure on purpose because of not being important to current show.
    THsts why trainers like Ash and Paul travells,because that way they can learn more.
    Speaking about Wallace problem is that even nowdays he isnt water master showing how its inevitable to win certain tasks like Whirl cup showed and prof.,Elm mentioned in order to achieve this goal.Why Misty left gym to travell in Kanto?Because her sisters said ho she went on journey to become strongest water trainer/water master.If she could do that at gym she wouldnt leave gym to travell.
    No problem,and about Tracey i rewatched episodes in question and Tracey said in "Lost Lapras"how his dream was always to meet famous prof.Oak later on when they arrived to Pallet deciding to become his assistant.So while in a way you can call that "getting rid of him",to be fair Misty didnt went much better.She didnt decided to come back to gym and stay because she wanted but because she wanted to help her sisters because of being icompetent never giving up on her dream like Gary or Brock did who clearly said how they decided to become something else.You see,her situation was different being rason why people say she didnt get proper "ending".

    Speaking of gym,and Wallace comparison i hope you realize how Wallace as its been said in anime left gym to travell and become Hoenn champion only after that becoming one of best water trainers in world.Why he left travell?To learn new things and improve his skills,because you cant become that strong at gym.
    I didnt know its your birthday,Happy Birthday and have a great time!

    p.s.Visitor messages has too much of a character limit,so if you wish to continue discussing this i suggest we take it to private messages.
    Considering she didnt achieved her goal,with chronicles not showing progress of her goal and plots of her story and considering how she didnt changed her goal never giving that kind of impression taking over gym because of sisters lazyness not because she wanted means how her character didnt received proper closure.You can try to deny all you want,but this is reality.
    In case you didnt know 90% of Misty fanbase complain about Misty having to return exactly because her story was left unfinished.

    Speaking of Tracey,his goal was always to become prof.Oaks assistant which he managed to achieve so im not sure what your trying to imply.
    Being good water type gym leader is nice and all but that doesnt make you one of strongest water trainers in world or water master.That is something higher with ones like Lorelai or Wallace fitting that category.
    For example Blain has been showcased as strong fire type trainer being one of few fire type gym leaders in anime but compared to Flint,champions and high level trainers he is nowhere near his level with later one being viewed as one of best.
    Same with other water gym leadrs like Crasher Wake,they are gym leaders for years,with some being there even for their whole life never managing to become strong as E4 or higher leveled trainers let alone masters.

    Why?Because gym isnt suffiecient to reach that kind of strenght.Claiming how someone can become one type master by being at gym is same as claoming how Ash can become master by being gym leader which is in least hand ridiculous.Original series clearly shoiwed how goal of becoming water master has nothing to do with gym.
    I think you missunderstood,it has been showed in first 5 seasons how water master goal is something which is more similsr to Ashs goal being connected with travelling being one of reasons Misty left gym(according to her sisters in 7th episode) being clearly showed in Whirl Cup how in order to achieve this title winning prestige water competitions is necessary according to prof.Elm who said how winner of this tournament receives title "Alpha Omega Water pokemon" being one of tasks people who become water masters in past entered serving as indication how there exist competitions someone needs to win in order to achieve such thing not being available for someone who is at gym leaving it to travell to far regions and enter every kind of such event(similar to how coordinators need to win contests).
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