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  • gin <3 thank you for all you do for the pokemon and free fandoms srsly english-speaking fans would be lost without you ;___;

    Hi i wouldn't want to disturb you, but is it true that you live in Japan? If so would you mind if i asked you something related to pokemon in case you ever visit Japan online forums. Im just curious about how they perceive anime and things, is their mindset different and what they like, dislike. Since i dont know Japanese and hardly know anything about pokemon fandom over there.

    Just innocuous curiosity, nothing else.:)
    Hey! Are you okay? I noticed you haven't posted the screenshots to XY010 yet. I'm not upset, I understand it's the holidays so we're busy. I'm just wondering.
    Yes, at first I didn't like him (his foggy glasses with no eyes) then when they defogged his glasses in the anime and made him a bishie, I instantly became a Clemont fangirl. And thanks to you I can get as many screenshots I want of Clemont as I like (I can't stop looking at him).
    Hi, I'm so glad I found another Clemont fangirl. I love Clemont!! (squeals) ever since I saw his anime self I instantly fell in love with design and became a fangirl of him.
    I thought that 薄紫色 meant "heliotrope", but apparently it means a light purple color. So it's just a reference to the Forme's color rather than its body?
    Just to be sure, does this page say that the Mewtwo Forme has the body of a heliotrope? It's a weird remark since the English website doesn't say that, and none of the other Pokémon have their designs explained.
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