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  • Ok, I'll see if I can get on, but at the moment I'm having some internet problems but we're trying to fix it. Right now, so I'll let you know if I can, but it SHOULD be fixed by tomorrow.
    So I waited for you in the two hour time frame you gave me and you never showed :/ I'll be on a majority of the night...
    Yea we shouldnt have problem with trading, and i have Manaphy for you, so i can trade anytime, what would be the best for you?
    I already have the cloned Celebi inside my game, so...
    When can we trade?
    And can you take your Celebi in my HeartGold game and give me the Master Ball to my Platinum game?
    I need the Master Ball to catch Cresselia! I know that some people could say it as useless, but I like collecting legendary Pokemon!
    Thank you!
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