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  • Thats cool. I just reached Snowbelle City in X and have to train for the gym and stuff then it's E4 training and off the the E4 to finish the game for me.
    Aww :( That's so sad.
    Im going to go to bed in a few minutes. Its quite late here and I need to be up at 7.I'll talk to you later.Goodnight :)
    We tried to give him back to his previous owner who actually is a dog trainer, but she dosen't want to take him, we are emailing a picture of him to her anyway so she can decide. I really hope he dosen't have to be euthanized, I feel he has a place somewhere and dosen't deserve that. Unfortunately, he's around 8 years old, has some aggressive tendencies, and the behavior problems I mentioned previously, so he dosen't have that good a chance for adoption. We wont take him to an animal shelter, we're try to find some other place he can be, he really likes being with other dogs, so if we could find a place maybe where he could around them, it would be best for him, it's people that are stressful to him. We think his agression is fear based, he is a huge wimp and even lived in fear of my cat for a while after she gave him a good smack with her claws when he presumedly did something to annoy her( I didnt see this happen but heard him yelping and he ran away from her all the time after that)
    Because he has a ton of bad behaviors. He will go to the bathroom all over the house and has a bad habit of eating food off the counter, we dont know how he gets to it half the time. He ate the pork chops that were going to be dinner tonight, bones and all. He also has some agression towards people he's unfamiliar with. My parents can't really take it anymore, and I dont think these behariors can be fixed.
    Im ok. Its snowing so Im pretty happy that we finally got a nice snow here. Im also upset because my parents are getting rid of my dog.
    I can battle this weekend if that's OK with you. Also, I'm not so good at competitive battle though. My strategy: keep hitting it until it dies. o.o
    School. Homework. Stress. Blargh. I think you get the idea. :/
    Anyways, I haven't seen you on the forums for a while. So I guess you're back here for Pokemon X and Y too? :D
    So which one do you think you're going to get? :p
    i been doing good. just waiting for the new 6th gen pokemon game out XD so how you been? :)
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