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  • Aw :( Sounds like he might have some respiratory problem. if you can try getting him to a vet without getting clawed to ribbons you should. If he acts like that though, it dosent sound like he's used to being around people.
    Its hard to tell with cats. Ive seen a little kitten sized cat that actually are full grown so idk, some cats can just be small and since cats kind of live a long time, you cant really tell how old they really are.
    Yeah, cats can get kinda freaked out when they're scared. Ive been scratched up so many times by scared kitties. He may be just scared of people. Maybe the kitten will calm down eventually.
    I got a cat from the shelter I volunteer at. Id wanted one for a long time and it's really hard to do that when you just want to take one home. I just want to take them all home lol.

    I might
    Hi :)

    Well today I woke up at 8 and went to volunteer at an animal shelter as I usually do on Monday and Friday. I dont have a job, so I volunteer. Then I went home and ate lunch and then logged on here and Ive just kind of been browsing the forums. Its warm today but rainy so I dont really want to go outside :/ I may do some cleaning later but I have no other plans. I may play some Mystery Dungeon or Fire Red, but its rainy so I kinda want to sleep xD
    Im not a fan of any of the Sinnoh starters, mainly like Sceptile in the third Gen and Serperior in the 5th gen, I like all the Johto starters and Squirtle and Charmander for Gen 1.
    They are pretty cool. I usually tend to gravitate towards the Grass starters or Water starters, but Fennekin may change my mind. I havent been the hugest fan of the three Fire/Fighting starters.
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