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  • Hey dude, I'll fill you in on stuff soon, okay? Just been so busy lately, I'm working now and I had a very hard day today.
    I tried to go on that page and it doesn't work. o_O Can't you just go on the regular PokeFriends java?
    Aww, thanks buddy. :) I'm not frustrated by you at all, I'm frustrated with what's happening in my life, and keeps happening.
    The issue is resolved now because Tommy is going to lift your permaban and that's something I support 100%. All I ask is that there is no insulting. I could never stop caring about you, regardless of what you think of me. And you're right about that. People can only change themselves.
    Pokie, Shadow loves you a lot, so do I. We're going to get this straightened out. But you know what? The first night you two had that little miscommunication, he actually broke down because he was so devastated by it. He doesn't want to lose you, none of us do. If only you could just stop fighting with Brian, we wouldn't have any trouble at all. I'll lift your ban, but please, for me, don't fight with Brian. We want you as part of our community and as one of our friends. You are awesome, we both think that. I wish you had a proper IRC client, I'd ask for you to come to our other channel. Anyway, you won't be able to reply to me as I've pretty much shut off all forms of communication on my profile, because I'm extremely upset right now. I'm sorry.
    Banning you wasn't something I wanted to do. Tommy didn't want to do it either. Brian just went ahead and did it without anyone else. We never said you were banned permanently and I don't want you banned to begin with. I didn't want you to plead either, that was Brian's idea. As for Lisa, she's not treating Tommy well now but that's another matter. And it's not the cursing that's the issue. Pokiefan, I'd never hold anything against you. All I want is for there to be no insulting at Pokefriends. Just to respect others. That is all.
    I didn't let him do anything. He did it himself. Tommy and I didn't want this to happen. We'd never think badly of you. We haven't stopped loving you and we never will. :(
    I'm sorry buddy, I'm doing a lot at once.

    Pokiefan, I don't hate you at all. I've always loved you very much as a friend. I never held anything adverse to you. All I wanted you to do was stop insulting Brian. That is it. I wanted to keep Pokefriends with a very friendly atmosphere. It wasn't my choice to ban you or kick you, or even warn or infract you. All I wanted everyone to do was not assault one to the other. I'd be happy to get you unbanned and you can plead your case in the banned forum. This wasn't my choice. It was Brian's.
    Come on, you're seriously not considering breaking your friendship with Shadow just because of what happened tonight. You were just upset at what went on. But he just told me he holds you dear and doesn't want to lose you, that should mean something to you. Besides, we never said no about you being a staff member.
    Awwww, Pokiefan, I never said no. I never said or thought anything bad about you. I want to give you a chance but I can't do anything without the sanction of the rest of the staff on Pokefriends. Being a staff member is more than just friendly ties. I hope you believe me. I'd never want to do anything to damage upon our friendship nor any such braze thing (IMO). I think you're super awesome no matter what. =(
    That's very much, and of course I think that chat isn't complete without one of the best guys ever, you! ^_^ You're the best too, best tidings, and hope to chat soon. ^^
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