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  • That's a good one, but the problem is that's basically just step one of having an actual resolution. Still a good rule to live by though;.
    Revenge is best served cold. If you try to force revenge, it won't come off good. One day you'll get your revenge... but it might be a long time. Don't worry though, it'll come. And no problem about coming to me with it, I don't mind, I'm just happy to help.

    Hahaha, that picture's funny. (Though quite troubling if you think about it - it sounds like it might be about a rape to me.)
    I'm really sorry to hear that, man. Seriously, I know how it feels and I hate to hear it happening to you.

    Fortunately (?) I've been on the other side of it too (I'm not proud of this and I didn't realise it was bullying at the time but that's a story for another day) so I think I can give you good advice.

    Might sound cliched but bullies just want a reaction. What you have to do is just convincingly act like you don't give a shit. This can be difficult and can make things worse at first but is the surefire way to make it stop. Why would they bother telling you they don't like you if not for a reaction?

    Anyway just don't react. Don't try and make comebacks. Just say 'ok...' like you're confused as to why they're even talking to you.

    Best of luck with this and happy new year.
    I've been pretty good, just got back from my vacation a couple of days ago.
    Yeah, school stuff and, yeah, that's why =( Sorry about that.

    It sure is.
    Sorry, I've been super busy lately.

    Yeah, I've been alright, nothing too interesting. I've had a lot of work to do over the Christmas holidays and I haven't really been doing enough of it to be honest. How've you been?
    Not much, waiting for AceTrainer's notes on my oneshot to better my writing. Which reminds me, you haven't given it a read :L
    Ehh, well they've always known I like Pokemon and have ribbed me for it now and again but I think they're mature enough to know that sort of thing doesn't really matter.

    Good news about Ghost at least. That was the school you'd been excited about the whole time anyway... LeSalle was kind of a last minute switch up, wasn't it?
    Sorry, it WAS Arkham City Armoured Edition |D Brainfart there. And eh, the 2D Marios bore me. And it just projects the night sky onto my roof and walls o03o

    Oh, btw, go comment on the Flames in the Winter oneshot thread I set up specifically for criticism and comments from the public, since they can't comment in the contect thread o3o
    I wasn't sure if you knew about your grades yet. You haven't said anything about them. So, what's up with your grades and how did you screw up? I hope the answer to those questions isn't one in the same :(

    Also, Black 2 was a gift from my parents.
    Merry Christmas. I got a WiiU Bundle Pack, Batman Arkham Asylum Armoured Edition, Mass Effect 3, Nintendoland, Sonic and SEGA Allstars Racing Transformed, Wireless Interweb Connector, Star Projector and New Clothes :3
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