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  • Yeah, that happened to me a lot in LOTR which was why I gave up halfway through the second book. I just wasn't enjoying it.

    I'm trying to get a job. I've got some part time stuff going right bow. I'm also still working on my thesis for my degree.
    Oh, I meant individual books. I guess you're right though, if I recall correctly the later Harry Potter books are longer. Still, I always found LOTR difficult to get through.

    The Hobbit is written very differently to LOTR. I loved The Hobbit but was not a fan of LOTR.
    A lot of people say LOTR is better than The Hobbit, but I think otherwise.

    Aren't LOTR bigger than the Harry Potter series?

    Also, being a fanboy for the sake of being a fanboy seems a bit silly. Wait until something strikes you.
    Well, D12 actually, but Eminem sings them, yeah.

    No particular reason, no: just losing interest in the site and Pokemon a bit. One of the main things that had sustained my interest was being on staff as it gave me something to do, but I'm a bit too busy to do something that ultimately doesn't add too much to my life nowadays, so I've lost that too.

    I've read The Hobbit, The Fellowship of the Ring, and half of The Two Towers. Hobbit was great. To be honest, I found the LOTR trilogy a bit drawn out, boring, and over-indulgent on the part of the author. It did not sustain my interest hence why I stopped reading half way through the second book. In my opinion LOTR is one of the few series in which the films are actually better than the books: LOTR is actually a pretty awesome world and story within that world, but the movies really bring it to life whereas I feel like the books kind of drone on. I've read the entire Harry Potter series and personally think they are far better than LOTR, though I wasn't a huge fan of the last two, particularly number 6: numbers 4&5 are probably the height of that series. I've never read The Hunger Games.

    Why do you want to be a fanboy of something anyway?

    Also, what's with the username change? What was wrong with Red?
    Where's my cap locks? ;) Also, shame on you for not spotting the eminem lyrics!

    I check here often enough that contacting me here should be sufficient.

    That all sounds pretty great. The thing about bullying is that it kind of winds up when you get to the age you are now. It's for kids really, and you're not so much a kid any more.

    I've been good. Still writing, but trying to focus on the novel so haven't posted anything for Brotherhood is yonks. No publication yet but I have 75,000 words on it. Maybe 10-20 thousand more before it's finished.
    I did notice you were gone. Well, over the last month or so I've been mostly gone myself, actually. I don't log in very often nowadays, which is why it's taken me three days to reply to your message.

    It's good to hear from you again. What's been up? Good times, I hope.
    Maybe the people who've been around for a while... Ah, I don't much care anyway. I appreciate it though.

    And really? That's great. How special am I?
    Oh, I have literally never heard of that meaning of forensics before. That's cool anyway though.

    People don't see me that way any more, but, yes, I definitely know what that feels like. Try reading through the last few pages of the Rival's Story thread (just the comments) and you'll see I know exactly how you mean! It's a great feeling, but, yes, your banners really are incredible. You deserve it!
    Shark Tank, eh? Never heard of it.

    As for your previous message...

    I've never heard it called forensics before. It's not called that in the UK. We'd only use that word to refer to like CSI typed stuff. And, yes, you just need to bring up that one (or two) key point(s) and be able to defend them, but that is a lot easier said than done (although it is done through saying stuff).
    hell yh i'm already using it! I really appreciate the effort you must have went through to produce something of that quality!

    My fic is called Seasons (obviously), have a link :)
    You're not really behind/a pussy. Sending pictures of your genitals to people isn't something grown-ups do (well, not necessarily). They're not necessarily just stupid though. I personally think it's generally a bad idea, but, hey, if two people want to exchange pictures of their genitals with each other, and both are happy to both receive and give these pictures, then why the hell not? Also, you should think about how many people haven't done it. I mean, I'm sure it's shocking that the few that have have, but I bet many more have not.

    And that's awesome that you want to do debating. I travel all over my country with debating and I get a lot of it paid for by my university. Speaking of which, I was in Manchester this weekend, and I got to the semifinals of the competition there! It's one of the biggest in the UK!
    Man, don't get yourself started by thinking about that kind of shit. It doesn't matter. Listen, look at this way. You know I go to debating competitions, right? Sometimes judges are bad or biased. Someone told me something really insightful once: there is no such thing as the infinitely bad or biased judge. What does that mean? That means that even if I'm fighting an unfairly difficult battle to win a debate, I'm never fighting an impossible battle. What's more is that it doesn't help me to say that it was someone else's fault that I lost a debate (even if it is true to an extent). What helps me is identifying where I could have been better in the debate, where I could have forced the judge, through their bias or incompetence, to recognise how good I am. Biased teachers are like that too. It's obvious from the fact that you got the highest score at least once that the teacher isn't infinitely biased, right? (That is assuming that she is at all, which is very far from certain - you've admitted yourself that her son is pretty smart.) What you've gotta remember is that it helps no one to whine or be bummed about the fact that she is biased. You've gotta take it on yourself. If she's unfairly favouring him the best thing you can do about it is be so good that she can't rank him above you and maintain her credibility as a teacher. Are you with me? THat's the best way to think about it.

    Brotherhood... I'm sorry. I still intend to revive it at some point but right now it's just not feasible. I have too much to do. I will try.
    Not bad, though I've been having to deal with exams this week so I'm finally getting a chance to rest tomorrow
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