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  • Hey, I was hoping to challenge your gym. Any chance we could set up a time and date? =D
    I know how you feel, I'm 21 in December time fly's fast it's hard to keep up sometimes.


    I am not worthy of your love

    this Alakazam ;~~~~~~~~~;

    YOUUUUU! ;~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~;
    I'm doing good I was able to get a job and move out of my parents place at last lol. Aside for that its been very boring over on my end as well, trying to go back to school this summer if I got the time.
    Hi crow its reaper, welcome back you have been gone to long lol.

    How have things been?
    Can you please let me know when, if you are going to finish, we can expect your judging? If you are not going to then please let me know as well


    I missed your birthday though... I have failed you. ;___; WE MUST ATONE FOR THIS SOON WITH A JOINT AFTERBIRTH PARTY.
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