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  • being a mod lets me know that you are alive

    this is a reassuring thought and i am glad to see you are doing well
    yeah i'm alive and probably better than ever all things considered. i don't know how i feel about coming back here properly but it's been nice stalking this place lately. i've been getting back into pokémon so i just figured i'd check in i guess. it's good to see you too.
    Hey, not bad, yeah :) Haven't been on in ages! Not sure if you still come on but if you do, hope that you are well and good too :)
    Hey, Pyra! This was a pleasant surprise :D Thanks to you too, it was really fun! I've really missed seeing you around, hope you've been alright. We've all missed you, really, I think. Hope you have a good day and stuff too, and that you have a good time doing whatever you get up to doing! :3c
    Since I won't be online tomorrow, I'll say it now - Merry Christmas! Or, if you don't celebrate it, then happy holidays.
    Hallo fellow Disturbed sister. I hope you're doing okay, 'cause I haven't talked to you in a very long time. o~o
    Nice to see you log in when you can. I'm guessing life must be hectic huh?
    Sylveon might have some awesome attacks :p I still wish she would have been flying though. I really want a flying Eeveelution.
    Ohhh I love this name! :D

    And it may or may not be because one of my favorite animes has a place named Astraea. I dunno. :L
    I'm still in shock. I'm x) *glomps* Your adorables Mandy. :b

    So stubborn. x) But I do know your a smart girl. :3
    Yeah, it was awful not having Eevees in Black and White :O I did like the new Pokemon but I kind of missed all the old ones too, lol :)
    Omg. I didn't think it'd be that easy. xD

    Still, your my buddy though~! So deal. :L
    Oh pls, you need someone there for you. Though I've been doing a shitty job of being online at all cause of my own concerns & just plain laziness but whatever! My point is you need friends, and admit it you wuv me. :B
    I never said it wasn't! That's what I'm trying to say!

    The real you may not exactly be a "people person", but knows how people work and makes her friends glad to have her as a companion. You're my closest friend in the entire world and I'm glad I'm close enough to you to say that without feeling weird, unlike so many other things I say to you.

    You answered your own question there, actually. You're hanging on because you think you should. You think it's best if you do. And you're right, Synny.

    So what makes me deserving of the god-forsaken torture of talking to you?

    You're saying you don't know why people would like you if you were a great person? Umm, that's why they'd stick around, Synny. It's why I feel honored to be so close to you and why I feel obligated to help you through this time in your life.

    Are you saying that I'm that good at this whole "support" thing?

    And we should all live in a world without Ke$ha, but we don't, do we?

    Regressive, backward-minded things that I know you dislike but I do anyway out of a selfish desire to go back to the days when you did enjoy it. Just never mind. I'm sorry. I fucked it up again.
    Awesome :D So there will be surprises when the game comes out :) I just hope I can get all my faves in game and not have to wait until post game. I loved it in B&W 2 that you could catch a wild Eevee in Castelia City :)
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