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  • That's OK. As long as you got your submission in, I am already satisfied. Thanks for your contribution!
    I am continuing on with my Normal-type reviews. Could you provide your opinion on the Taillow family? It should preferably be 3 to 4 sentences long.
    Hello, it took quite some time but R/S is finally getting an update. The new information released thus far makes pretty excited for the game.
    Nah its ok, no hard feelings. I decided to turn over new leaf as mentioned in one of my previous blogs not wanting to be anymore part of negativity and tedious pointless arguing which kill joy and eagerness to be part of some discussion.

    There has been enough wars, intolerance and annoyance around here. Its time that this place becomes better.
    Hi there, i noticed your comment in my blog and no offense but i wouldn't appreciate in slightest that someone comes just to bring disorder and unecessary arguing through spuring remarks.

    I decided to create that blog to share info i found with others and allow them to express their thoughts on it in lighthearted and relaxed way. With no long winded debates and lot of unwanted friction and downplays like its been case with majority of Misty related topics.
    You can register whenever you'd like, as long as it's before the end of the month (when the Vizzed offer ends).

    Thanks again!
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