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  • I heard you need a sassy Shiny Eevee with some egg moves... I could help you there as long as you dont mind RNG breeding??? and you'd have to give me a smeargle with the egg moves you want.
    They both lasted six seasons. Xena's series started after she had already appeared on Hercules, so his ended first.
    I don't think so. Considering there was that 25 year skip forward in Xena, I don't anticipate Hercules showing up any more.
    nahh, i can clone so i've still my raikou.
    I just felt like I owed you something ;;
    Yeah. I'll be watching both to get the complete finale of the whole thing. Considering the Dahak saga ended with Hercules.
    I like both series. I missed a lot of Seasons 5 & 6 of Xena so now I'm catching up on Netflix. I'm almost finished with 6. After which, I'll watch all of Hercules.
    Hey Rellik, would you mind loaning me any of your Celebis for maybe... 2 seconds (literally)? It is one of the two Pokemon that I can't get without an outside trade (the other is Manaphy). Please?
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