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  • Really, now? I honestly don't think Hugh's cool-headed enough to be a passing-through Pokémon Trainer, but I'll certainly remember that!

    Edit: I'm blanking on the potential Diend counterpart...
    Expanded Pokedex Discussion/Speculation Thread [Read First & 3rd Post] - Page 25

    It's good to see that the BMGf list being put to use! :p

    My 3 Crown Beasts (shiny events) for your Champion Path Beldum, Ageto Celebi, and DOEL Deoxys? That is, if they are completely untrained and untouched.


    dam it your shop's closed...
    SS groudon@ quirky?

    i have some:
    shiney event miloctic's
    a few events.
    Im American I think your argument against the Europeans is pretty racist. Think to your ancestors. Most American ancestors came from Europe.
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