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  • Your current signature is amazing. :0

    EDIT: Wow, didn't even notice that it changes. XD Even cooler.
    Cool. I'll rather wait until the Soundtrack is out then convert the video. Thanks. Please let me know when it comes out.
    Hey dude. Can you help me find another song? it's called "I'm Losing You" and It's an insert song from Space Dandy Season 2, Episode 10.

    Here's a clip from the episode that plays the song.
    You know, you should make a playlist of all your favorite music on grooveshark and share the link. I usually end up listening to your posts while at work, but I have to keep going back to my phone to change dongs. XD

    Again, you have fantastic tastes in music.
    I can't open the file. do I have to convert the extension? it says that the file isn't recognized beczuse of the extension ".torrent".
    Hey dude. can you help me find these two songs. I don't know the artists and I'm not sure the song titles are correct because I tried searching for them and nothing.

    Here's the first one.

    Space Dandy Ep.6 - Hoshikuzu no Pipeline (FULL)

    This one was an Insert Song from episode 6 of Space Dandy, Dandy and Meow surf in space.

    here's #2

    Space Dandy Ep. 13 - Anatato

    This one is an Insert Song from Space dandy episode 13. during QT's date with Coffee Maker.

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