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  • Oh, I thought because of your about me and the note about Christmas...... u no, u wanted to waste ur life r something. Anywho, lemme be proper: Hi, my name is RainbowDragon and it is very pleasent to meet you on this very fine day, so please; excuse and forgive me for my rudeness. I hope that settles things and makes them better. ;)
    Again, why should I fear you? Anyways, as long as you don't stalk people in real life u cant scare me. I perfectly know what you are feeling. I just find something to interest me before I die, like this. By the way, I insults don't hurt me and neither do bike wrecks. Really I should know. K? Try to :-D
    Note For Christmas - Dont bother wishing me a merry Christmas because of the following reasons
    1 - I hate Christmas
    2 - I hate my Life (True)
    3 - I wish I was Dead (yet again true)
    For these reasons i will not wish anyone a happy Christmas
    It's a lovely show, hope you get the chance to see an episode.

    Gas bottle? What on earth did it have that for? Unless it was a part of the zombie's profession before it became a zombie.
    That'll keep you busy for awhile.

    This bit seems neat about ZombiU:
    Eventually - or perhaps it won't even take all that long - your survivor will become zombie food. The game warps you back to The Prepper's safe house where a new survivor has just arrived, presumably the same way you did in the game's opening.

    If you return to where you were last killed, you will find a zombie of your former self. More importantly, they will still be holding all of the equipment from when they were alive. Killing your own zombie lets you recover the lost gear, though it is no easy task since the zombies that originally killed you will usually still be lurking around the next corner.
    Lol it's not Meowth, it's Paper Jam Dipper from Gravity Falls. But now that you said that, it does kind of look like one. xD
    Sorry to hear that.

    Turns out she can't come visit. :( But on the bright side, I'll still be able to hang out with other friends and webchat with her, so that's something. ^^
    Before New Year's? It'll be very commendable if you accomplish that with all of the holiday festivities going on (or are you not terribly keen on them?)

    A best friend of mine who moved away a few years back is coming to visit, I hope I can get off work for a day or two so I have more time to spend with her and other buddies. :D
    It happens. xD
    Ah, I see. Good you're keeping focused on your work though, avoiding their drama and messes as much as possible.
    my peers huh?
    Honestly they are a bunch of block heads some of the conversations i over hear they are sadistic weirdos (not a joke)
    But just getting my work done cant really be bothered for anything else ya know?
    Good for you! :D Are your peers nice?

    Not bad, but not really good either, just kinda neutral. One of those days.
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