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  • Thank you. ^^ I'd link you to the full picture, but I'm having trouble finding it atm. Been mentally kicking myself over not fave'ing/saving the whole thing. >.< 95% sure it came from deviantART though.
    @Hitomi I've been thinking of doing a SOA novelization in a unique way- the different parts of the game are separated into 5/6 different parts, and the missions are in the form of one-shots. The titles could be "School Days", "On The Ranger Missions", "Tops and Gems" and "Brightoning The Situation", or something like that. And I'd love more fanart! I'm becoming a big AlmiaShipper. In my story I was thinking of putting tiny tidbits of their manga personalities in, but changing them to suit my made personalities for them, e.g. The way Kellyn collects every edition of the Almia Times, Kate's interest in being a Mechanic, Kellyn's cynicism, Kate's clumsiness, et cetera. Except I also add my own stuff too, like Kellyn has a vendetta against Kincaid and Lavana (well, with Kincaid it's more like he's out to annoy him, with Lavana he hates her for a different reason), Kellyn's habit of giving nicknames to everyone and stuff (for example, he calls Team Dim Sun Team Chinese Food, he calls Lavana and Ice 'Lavalava Island' and 'Mr. Frosty'), Kate's slight vendetta against Ice (a la Kellyn's vendetta against Lavana, except not as strong. ) And maybe I should stop talking about it and start writing it now. XD
    You certainly are writing well. I favourited your Kincaid story, "No Respect" or whatever it's called. You carried off his personality very well. It helps that it's like the only Kincaid story on ff.net. XD Oh, and by the way, my penname is Shiny Kirby.
    I also made a club for all Ranger ships if you ever wanna check it out.

    @Cynthia-Girl Thank you! I got it made by a friend on another forum. :)

    @Mumzy Nope, not really. Other than I've been playing a lot of Ace Attorney lately. ;)
    Your avatar is adorable :) ^_^
    I'm going to post here lest my comments in the "Obscure ship commiseration" thread turn into the "Hitomi gushes about Almiashipping" thread. xD

    http://img703.imageshack.us/img703/193/almia.jpg (by the artist on this website) is one of my favorites... it's so cute! ^^ I always think of Kate as being a pretty shy and friendly girl, clumsy, but confident in her abilities as a Ranger. (That's kinda how she's portrayed in the webmanga too, which is great!). If you want more fanart, I can find some for you. :)

    I'm also really flattered that you were familiar with my fanfiction penname... it must mean I'm writing well or something. xD I've actually been planning a fic where Kate and Kellyn go to the oil field and have a run-in with Pokémon Hunter J. All I've got left is like five chapter outlines and then filling in the blanks.
    They're still in the middle of the Monster House, fighting alongside my Team C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER characters, a floor below Team Psywind.
    Hey there Shadow Victini.
    Welcome to the Forums.
    Whenever you get a chance, could you pop into the URPG Board and check it out?
    :] We'd love to have you with us.
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