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  • So basically, you're not going to follow the rules? That's what I get from speaking to you, you know.

    We are talking about the place you just got banned from. The Archives. Ring a bell? Hopefully it does. You are acting like a selfish, spoiled, arrogant jerk on BP and the Archives because you didn't get your way. We have rules in place to regulate how Bulbagarden is run. If you don't like it, suck it up or leave. I'm tired of seeing you constantly complain about anything and everything that doesn't go your way. Get over your ego dude. Just because you've been here since 07, doesn't make you special, especially since you can't seem to follow the rules...

    Also, next time you get blocked, you do not need to bother a grand total of 3 admins and make a forum topic about it.
    It becomes forbidden once you start antagonizing the staff. It doesn't matter if we were staff or not, you should not talk to ANYONE like that. You are not special, you are not above the rules. You are a regular user who should follow the rules, and will follow the rules if you want to keep uploading on the Archives. Contrary to what you may think of us, we follow the rules. We don't shove the rules down regular users throats and not follow them ourselves. Also, we have staff pages on the Archives that you can use to see what groups users are in. Even if I don't have it on my page that redirects to my BP page where I have no JA, I'll repeat you should not talk to anyone like you did.
    not sure what the rules are in the Us but i Australia i can legally reproduce a maximum of ten percent or one chapter (if a written work), whichever is greater.
    There seem to be quite a few assholes in the Garden. Thanks for making that thread so we all know who they are.
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