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  • Are darkfics welcome on BMGf? And by dark I mean like brutally dark. A 9/11-esque parallel fic that will leave an impression in people's minds. With Ponies.
    Geez! U r a busy girl!
    Anywho, when are the Fanfic Awards announced?
    Also, do i need to show you a rough draft of my new fanfic? Was it always like this?

    And most importantly... what's up?
    Hey there! Now... Well, somehow, I'm itching to write something. And for some reason, I have already written some paragraphs as a test... I wonder how it should go? Should I show the draft to you now...? Or should I keep doing the whole thing first...?

    Also, long time no see.
    Hey, I'm here to say sorry about the infractions thing last time I posted on Writers Workshop, Anyways I hope your having a nice summer :)
    Hey, Kayi. I don't mean to intrude on any mod matters or anything, but I was just wondering when the Fan Fiction Award winners will be announced?
    No, I mean with any ideas I put through if I were made head of the thing :L I'd hopefully not piss people off with them, but you never know.
    Well, if the idea does take off, I'll be happy to head it to save the admins a headache and keep everything in order (Assign plots to artists to draw up, for a certain date if possible (I'll be sure to assign 5 plots at once, incase 1 or 2 can't get their 'issue' done by the two months between issues :L)
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