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  • Heyyy you may not remember me but this is RikkiStar!!!! Hope you're well and if you get on again hit me up!
    Any day before the 20th should be fine...I have an exam on the 19th in the morning but I'll be spending the rest of the day packing at my dorm/being lazy to celebrate :) Then yeah the 23rd should be fine as well but I'll give you an update on that once I make sure.
    I'll be arriving home on the 22nd so I'll have access to wifi from then until I leave again on the 24th. I'll be home on the 23rd so I should be fine to list things on the GTS that day, but in case I'm not available I can let you guys know before then and arrange a transfer on the 22nd if that works. Sorry for the trouble :/
    Nah, I got a new one in ORAS and MAbomasnow is sort of garbage anyways. The Nature is wrong, it has Energy Ball instead of Wood Hammer, the 31 Spe IV sucks if you want to use it on Trick Room, and it's still 4 levels off from being usable in Level 100 matches, but it's pretty much battle ready for Battle Spot laddering if you wanna use it when you're done breeding, so I thought I might as well just give it the item as well
    Haha np, we're all busy these days as the holidays approach :) I'll add you and then we can figure something out
    FC: 3754 8456 7753 I grabbed yours from the staff fc thread, so we should be good assuming that's up to date
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