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  • I can get that, I remember some of our talks and you proved that from examples. I'm sure you know what's best for you, and will do what's best so.

    Alright, sounds good.
    Well, I didn't get to go on Friday. And now we're dealing with the remnants of Irene. -_- But thankfully, it's supposed to be warm and sunny for all of next week...at least, that's what the forecast said when I checked a couple days ago.


    Unless you already got rid of it, in which case, hooray for your side! :D
    Oh, silly me. I forgot I was having a meal for dinner tonight that I do enjoy. I think it was...crunchy taco Hamburger Helper? Something like that. Delicious :3 Though honestly, I'd rather go out to a restaurant...but sadly, we don't have money for that sort of thing.

    I hope I get to go, too, since summer vacation is almost over for me. ._.
    Well, I was planning on heading down to the lake today, but I don't think we'll be able to do that at this point. Though the weather looks like it'll be nice on Friday, so maybe we can do it then. Other than that, I don't really have much as far as plans go.
    No its cool xD
    Good classes started yesterday and I've been really busy lately. Hw and stuff its crazy after all its senior year.
    How are you?
    I'll give infractions via PMs (and have not given you one on this matter, because the rule decision had not yet been made), but I'll announce decisions about what sort of talk is acceptable or not in public.

    This is because you're not the only members who might be tempted to say that sort of things, and I'd like as many members as possible to be able to see that we don't want that sort of talk here.
    I try to take the "sandwich" approach when critiquing. Though sometimes, the bread is too stale to taste the actual filling XD I was asked to beta read a fic once, and I gave up because I ended up having to change too much of it (grammatically...). I felt so bad ;_;

    Giratina x anyone is workable XD I remember when a fanfic author popularized Kakuzu x Temari...it was actually pretty cute. Soulsilvershipping looks really cute, I'll admit, but yeah; gotta stay tru to PreciousMetal. Their special manga actions reinforces my love for them even more~ (I played as the guy during the game, especially for the stripping scene, oh what is my life? T_T) My favorite game characters are probably red/blue (the boy); for manga is gold/silver. GSC had the most interesting plot of all the games, I think. The continuity is astounding.

    It can be complete crack, but I still expect the characters to be in-character. The original authors gave them personalities for a reason, you can't screw around with them too much otherwise, they aren't the original character anymore!

    He is the closest thing in the anime that resembles me (in personality and appearance XD).

    It's not that I'm concerned whether or not people will change other people. When you're around someone long enough, their actions, no matter how much self control you have over yourself, can effect you negatively. In the 7th grade, I had a group of friends, best friends, who I hung out with. They were fun to be around, but they made fun of this one guy who sat at our lunch table. I didn't join in, but i didn't stop them either. When I went to high school, that guy became one of my best friends, but he's still bitter about the bullying he received and lumps me with my group of friends. I don't know if it would apply to you, but I'm just saying that hanging around with positive people tends to be a bit less consequential in the end ^^;

    Aw ;A; <3
    I'm sure the feelings of death will come a-knocking sooner or later. My PMS tends to span across 2 weeks and I often feel weird when it's over, so there's only about 1 week out of every month that I feel normal. XD

    Best of luck on getting a new laptop, too. I direly need a new desktop computer, but that's nothing I can really afford to splurge on at this time. :p I'd get a laptop, but if I did, it would practically be attached to me and I'd never leave my bed at home. XD And I'm on the computer enough as it is throughout the day.

    Hope you have a better senior year than I did~ I had two classes where I was the lone senior and everyone else was a Sophomore (basic Art and Spanish class ><), so naturally the Sophomores, having power in numbers and most were total assholes to begin with, bullied me and made my life miserable and they relished in it because they were able to torment an upperclassman. Little smartass bastards... on the plus side, I got to leave school early every day for my first job that was part of a course in school where you got credit for having a job, and I got a cozy front desk receptionist position at my school's board of education just a few blocks away from the school. Makin' money, getting a good grade for it, and a shorter school tenure for that year... that's what helped me survive. XD
    Wow, really? I'm glad my writing was able to do that for you. :D It's flattering to hear that~ I really need to get to work on the next chapter. I started it, at least, but there's not much of it. :p

    I'm... relatively okay, I guess!
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