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  • Hey there! Sorry for the random msg I'm new so not sure how this works but I saw you offered a shiny bulbasaur and a shiny scyther in a thread... I'd really like them esp the bulbasaur. I can offer...

    Shiny graveler (it can evolve into golem when traded or remain graveler with everstone) Female. Lv 43. Bashful Nature. Rock Head Ability. High power/stamina

    Shiny Tangrowth. Foreign(Japan). Male. Lv 100. Bashful Nature. Leaf Guard Ability. High Skill and Max Stamina

    Surf Pikachu. Female. Lv 14. Careful Nature. Static Ability.

    Bulbasaur. Male or Female. Lv 1. Power Whip and Leaf Storm Egg Moves.

    Totodile. Male or Female. Lv 15. Torrent Ability

    Charmander Male or Female. Lv 1

    Mantine. Male. Lv 21. Modest Nature. Swift Swim Ability.

    Mantyke. Lv 1

    You don't happen to have a shiny shellder/cloyster do you?
    I'll figure it out, eventually...maybe.

    Oh, I didn't know that. But then since I never really used it, I don't know. But I'm used to really slow internet anyway.

    Alrighty, good night pal. Talk again soon, k? You can VM me anytime.
    Yeah, same here. Some of my stress is going away but there's been something weighing very heavily on my mind lately. I hate it so much and people just tell me not to think about it, but that's just too hard for me right now.

    I've never really typed anything out on anything except on a computer. I used my friend's Wii one time, it was cool but it took forever to type something out.
    No problem. =) So, how've you been? I haven't talked to you in such a long time. D:
    I`m sorry I forgot about my giveaway, but was reminded and you got a pokemon from it. Vm if you see me online.
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