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  • Which Gen V Pokemon rep do you think would most likely make an appearance as a playable character in the upcoming Smash Bros. game for the Wii U:

    - Zoroark (only thing that stands on its way is how will its illusion ability will work in the battlefield)
    - Victini (suggested by opposumguy, but seeing that its an event Pokemon, it'll most likely get the same role as other phantom Pokemon)
    - Hilda w/ Snivy, Dewott, and Emboar (the series needs more females, but everyone here rejects this idea more than my other suggestions, making her chances slim)
    - Iris & Axew (the main reason why I hate her so much because she'll have a higher chance of being picked over another female character because of her anime performance; I just hope she gets rejected)
    - Scrafty (anime performance from its pre-evo form in the anime)
    - Kelledeo (possible early bird cameo appearance)
    Ah, I see what you mean now, about the screentime. Yes, that makes sense. If they give him too much spotlight, then the other characters won't be able to shine.

    And I'm glad you agree with me about the voice actor thing. ^^ Yeah, that's true. Sarah's Ash voice itself is okay. And her acting can be decent at times. My problem is, I just don't like the way she portrays the character (it's nothing like Veronica's portrayal). So, it's the fact that Sarah's Ash is so different, which makes it hard for me to enjoy the B/W episodes.

    Ah, so you watch the Japanese episodes? That's cool. I wish I could do that, but I can't. When it comes to anime, I'm a "dub-only" person by nature. LOL. XD

    And yay! I'm so glad that you like Veronica Taylor! :)
    Same here. Whenever I think of Ash and I imagine him, it's always with that voice. In fact, Veronica is my idol. X3
    By the way, check out my YouTube channel. I think you'll like the videos I have up there. ^_^
    AshFangirlLisa's Channel - YouTube
    Hi there!! I just wanna reply to what you said. ^^
    "It's mainly because of how his character is being handled. The disrespect for continuity and the overfocus on him."

    Completely agree with you. =)
    Well, the focus on Ash doesn't bother me (he's the main character afterall, so I think the show SHOULD be focused on him, lol). XD However, I dislike the way Ash is being portrayed in B/W. He just isn't his old self. And that's a bad thing. =/

    Of course, if Veronica Taylor were voicing him, I know I would enjoy the B/W episodes more. XD And then Ash would be himself again!! ^_^

    You see, in addition to the writing of the show, I feel that the voice actor contributes to the character's personality as well. The VA contributes a lot. And when a character is dull, and not what they used to be (like Ash is), then I blame both the writers and the VA for that. I mean, I'm sure Sarah is a talented VA, but she just isn't a good choice for the character, Ash.

    In my opinion, Veronica really brought Ash to life. So to me, she IS Ash (if you know what I mean). I love the way she portrayed him. =)
    Haha i see we are more alike than i thought we would b.Im also very simple as person not asking too much from life.My motto is work with things you have and utilize best out of it.As saying goes "when life gives you lemons,make lemonade".
    My dream is to have one day permanent job being well payed and enjoying in what i work(being preferably on some higher position,hey cant blame me right?lol).I had many jobs and one of worst things in it is to do something you dont like(believe me).But if you want to make for living,sometimes you have to make compromise and wait patiently until better opportunity knocks on the door.

    Currently im more or less satisfied with job i have,though it would be better if i worked in my profession.
    Yeah i know what its like to have unorganized boss,mine happens to be like that as well.

    Wishing you all the best with your dream.Hope you will become one day store manager,with hard work you cant fail(well thats what people say).
    I always wandered,why not have character rotation bringing popular older companions back for about season(nothing too long,length of Kanto BF or Orange Islands would be sufficient) to develop them more and tie up loose ends while at same time still introducing new ones having mix of both?You can refresh older cast and do new,fresh things with them and people would be interested in something different than predictable routine of constantly adding new companions.Having someone from past returned would:
    -be a nice twist and change of things bringing something unexpected yet new on table serving as bridge which would connect current series with previous sagas as well giving to group and show more identity resulting in more stable cast

    Many long absent characters were away for so long that nowdays people would view them as ""finding refreshing to see continuation of their story being made.
    That way everyone would be pleased,with characters not being given too much exposure not staying for too long to start losing pirpose and possibly suffer,while at same time being given enough focus to do something significant getting updated.Which is beauty of it.
    For example seeing how her goal is to become best water trainer opens plethora of options out there to break new grounds(E4 route,chain of water competitions serving as benchmarks to measure growth etc)providing easy was to reintroduce character with purpose of doing build up toward its career with continuation being done.Many gym leaders in past left gyms to learn new things and improve,so it wouldnt be strange to see Misty doing same thing eventually too joining Ash for awhile.
    Not to mention she is very popular and liked so unexpected return could bear some fruits on table attracting more older fans toward anime.Judging by demand,number is respectably big.

    Yes i know you current treatment of Ash characters doesnt encourage but we can see with Iris and Cilsan howvwriters know how to make someone worthwhile.Reason why Ash develops slowly getting hammered down in strength is because he is intended to stay as permanent character until very end with writers having to stretch out his story and development as much as possible.When it comes to his traveling companions like Misty,May etc as it has been showed they have luxury in developing them at faster pace since they are intended to be part of main cast for only certain period of time.
    Agreed on most of your points,and i can hear your disappointment.Writers disappointed me many times in past,but right when im about to quit they do something splendid and amazingly good proving me how they can and certinly have skills to handle characters and stories right if putting actually effort into it.

    However i dont think Misty would suffer if she returned to show.She is fun character and it would be nice to see adding already experienced and more mature character like Misty which would bring new interactions between characters creating brother-sister relationships with one learning from another along with revival of friendship between Ash and long time friends taking chemistry to new levels considering they already know each other.Even after maturing Misty still remained quirky,spunky and rather flamboyant as character always bringing humor and unique dynamic to cast.This can be noticed in Hoenn when she made cameo with her playful and out going attitude,sarcastic remarks and passion about things she likes being abit timid adding that extra spice to Hoenn group.
    When you think about it Misty was replaced in such a way that she could return at any point if writers ever decided to do it having already things on which they could just pick upon doing continuation of her story.She definitely has untapped potential to do more,and it would be also interesting to see how she would interact with new characters and work now days as part of group.
    p.s.Think about it.Logically if writers would actually go through effort of bringing Misty back wouldnt that already in itself serve as indication how they have interest to invest more in character adding more substance to her story and development?Going by their improvement in various areas over the years means some things would be handled better now too.
    They already know what they did wrong in past about Misty,they sure as hell wont repeat that mistake again already correcting flaws back in day starting with Master Quest.Otherwise Cilan would end up like Brock in Unova which is anything but true.

    Speaking of job yeah i cant complain,many people in my country arent that lucky.So your working in toy store?Thats cool and liking toys makes for additional plus, glad that you got hired full time.
    Though why dont you find it enjoyable lately,what went wrong?

    And if you dont mind me asking,what would you like to do in life,i mean what is your dream?
    Speaking of which not everyone manage to fulfill their dreams sadly,many many people have jobs they dont like working only because of money.Sad but cold true reality,being another one of life teaching lessons.
    Speaking of Dawn and her dream,while it may have been solid on negative side writers had pattern they needed to strictly follow to go in correlation with games and since Dawn was co-star there existed pressure of having to make sure to dedicate lot of focus toward development of character.With Misty that burden doesnt really exist since with anime only quests writers have liberty in deciding in what direction they will take someone story not requiring nearly as much effort and dedication like awn contest quest did.It would be enough to give Misty some rival,catch few pokemon,create 4 to 5 at max competitions which would serve as benchmarks through which development can be measured along with dedicating some episodes to training and struggles which are left about her.
    Having her skills as trainer being recognized by some pokemon agent inviting her to go with him to try becoming E4 could be viable option too,and with such move writers could tie Misty directly as becoming important to Ash story since his goal involves battling E4.And by having Misty passing tasks and evaluators someone needs to do to be recognized as having potential to take up such place in future,we could see whole E4 and how they function being better explained influencing Ash storyline too.That would warrant exposure and guarantee that both characters receive focus.With little creativity many things can be made.

    And judging by Iris some things may have not be going well,but honestly compared to Misty in Kanto she is treated storywise better.Her pokemon are getting development,she has her own rival and much more defined goal than we could say for Misty at that point,i mean even nowdays many things are left unclear about water master thing.
    It may not need but it very well could.Given how little is known about Misty dream, this goal may involve becoming E4 considering how some E4 members like Lorelai or Lance are labeled as one type masters being one of best trainers out there who specialize in one type,it may involve following Wallace footsteps who became champion with specific type or it could require accomplishing certain chain of competitions spread across the region similar to Whirl Cup in order to gain title and be recognized as best water trainer out there.Possibilities are numerous.

    Also Ash may be driving force getting biggest piece of cake,but that doesnt change fact how his traveling companions still received some notable development with focus being dedicated toward their growth.Misty could be doing progress of screen,but whats the point in that if we never see character in action,way he grows,deals with obstacles etc?.By traveling with Ash we can see characters we like again in action,learn more about them,see them refreshed through new clothes,pokemon,subplots and struggles and developed with continuation of their story being done.
    Characters which are no more main are good as dead for this show and examples of Misty and May best show that being left abandoned and forgotten.Since she isnt part of cast anymore,writers arent obligated to give her anything despite their existing potential,because only main characters warrant exposure mattering to story.
    I remember something very interesting in manga about Misty which gave her significant development as trainer,like whole bonding with Suicune chosing her as his partner.In anime Misty also dreamed of meeting some legendary water type and if opportunity arise even catch it and if writers ever take character down this rout this would allow for notable growth bringing her one huge step forward toward realization of dreams.Water master also needs to fully understand feelings of water types connecting with them on close level,which Misty seems to have problems with(starting from Psyduck).

    In other news i had to find new job since my time at Hotel was only seasonal.Yes this is one of "charms"my country has being almost impossible to find stable and long term job,though i cant complain given how luck was on my side.I found new job relatively quickly currently working in some eko friendly company.

    Do you have a job?
    Granted your right she could go on her own journey and idea of training at some islands perhaps even learning from some like Lorelei is appealing.But i dont think she couldnt improve if traveling through same regions Ash does as well.After all her goal involves learning about new water types as much as possible(just like in rl marine biologists go on journeys to observe animals in natural habitat),battling strong trainers and exploring regions and by traveling with Ash she could learn about new water species,meet other water trainers(like Marina or Trinity were)and enter other unknown water tournaments through which she can advance dream.
    Benefit with traveling with Ash is that we can see character on screen actually following his growth.Misty is always of screen and there is no fun in that at all.
    Yes sh wasnt developed enough in original series,but that wasnt because she traveled with Ash but because mr,.Shudo didnt cared not intending to do much(heck in Master Quest other writers did more with her goal than Shudo ever did).Example of Dawn disproves silly assumption how Ash is "holding back"companions because it depends on writers how much someone will develop.And given improvement Misty would definitely be treated better nowdays.
    Nah,you dont need to justify yourself for not replying sooner,i can understand how other things can occupy your intention.Since this happened several times to me as well.

    About Koga since he became E4 only in games,not much is known about his path,except it stated how 3 years passed during transition period after he stopped being gym leader.
    However judging by that Misty line from Gold and Silver of planning to travel to improve skills implies how he could have likely went on some journey training in different place.In order to become this there probably exist some tasks and evaluators you need to pass to be accepted,so its pretty likely he left his hometown.About Volkner he was never offered E4 position(neither in games nor anime).He only said in games how he should leave gym and enter league battling E4(similar how Wallace did needing to travel as implied in anime before becoming champion).Fact that Flint mopped floor with experienced Ash while Volkner had hard time losing shows how in anime he is far from such position.

    About Misty,thats exactly my point.,It was showed in Whirl Cup how there exist competitions someone needs to enter and pass to gain title of water master and become recognized by other trainers worldwide(confirmed by water priest Maya and prof.Elm).Fact that at gym she cant learn as much as she could by traveling not providing her with enough experience is another reason why some traveling is required.I mean even Fantina said in anime how she leaves gym to travel to develop new battling style learning more.Following Wallace footsteps seems like best idea for Misty.Either way those things wont come to her if she doesnt travel for certain period with incompetent sisters not helping it either.
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