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  • My old ones are probably dumber. [sub]please don't look at them though o/////o[/sub]

    Eyup, that would appear to be the case.
    Oh, and forget writing up a personality section. Have a personality in mind, though. PM it to me you're done.
    Yeah, we should make them first. A single Merge will do.

    We'll keep it as Joltik intended: One Pokemon, no Legendaries, scrap the Flaw. But still no Teleporting.
    Right, sorry.

    The Project--or at the very least, their analogue--are creating super-soldiers for their plans of world domination. Guess what said super-soldiers are?

    But instead, they already have enough to begin with. These Merges have been sorta, y'know, brainwashed, or at least have had their memories wiped clean.

    Something like that. Wasn't quite sure how to word all of that.
    Sorry, I've been doing other things. :sweatlol:

    I'm on the way back from my great-uncle's funeral. I'll explain the idea then.
    How would you feel about doing something conceptually similar, if not directly based off of, THP?

    Obviously, it'll be much different in execution now thanks to me actually knowing what I'm doing this time.
    It's just like a regular Roleplay, only with just one or two other people. TBH, I've only done it twice myself, and neither lasted very long either. :sweatlol:
    Well, I can certainly use the "humans are impure" part.

    In the meantime, you wanna do a PRP or something?
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