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  • Yeah that was a few days ago. I haven't gotten any new ones since I posted that thread.
    Cool. I live in the Pacific Time Zone as well. So we can set up a time to do the tradeback. Say, at 6:00 PM?
    Hi! Can you add my Friend code? I need a Ghost Friend Safari with drifblim, and yours would help a lot.

    *Nevermind, got it already!! Thanks anyway!!
    Sorry I was late, I didn't that I was in the wrong game lol ;; Thanks for the trade!
    Ohh hold on, I wanna check IVs for some dream world pokes, I will message you in a few minutes.
    Sure, I want to catch it as soon as possible too, I'll VM you when I do. I'll go off now, bye!
    Hi, I'm online now. I am REALLY SORRY I wasn't able to catch you a Quiet Ditto yet. I mass bred Ralts to get a Quiet Synchronize one and I've caught more than half a box full of Dittos but none have turned up Quiet...
    However, I've got your Brave Ditto ready so we can do that trade first if you'd like OTL
    I will be using Pokecheck's Poketransfer to bring over my Ditto from Gen 4 to Gen 5, are you okay with this?
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