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  • I play a variety, consisting of my mains, clarinet and piano, and things I'm learning, like guitar, tenor sax, and flute.

    Yeah. I'm sure he's more mature now. At least I hope he has. I wouldn't know, because he has erased all trace of his existence. I know of zero forums where he still has an active account. Molly has matured as well. And you're right. People come and go, that's just the way it works on forums.

    we talked sooner than that on another account remember? Yeah, a lot of things. But I'm still the same person I was three years ago. Just a bit different, and a lot happier.
    Marching band camp. :p

    A LOOOOOOOOOOONG long time ago. Like twice or something. It's something she'd rather forget. I'd feel the same way, if I was her.
    I've been up to quite a lot! I'm taking a class over the summer and it's almost over. On the flip, band camp is almost here, it starts on Monday.

    So am I, to be honest. Everyone I knew is gone save for like, Milka, Hyper, Caprizant, and the occasional appearance of Moll. But that's okay. The new F&G regulars aren't that bad, and I'm also branching out to the video game sections and The War Room, more recently. So it's cool.
    Alright, I can settle for that. I may or may not be here tonight, depending on what the plan is with my man (Yeah, it happened). He's sleeping right now though, so I might have some time before I head on over there.

    The forums have been pretty slow these past months actually (With the exception of all the spambots we get now), so I just kinda chill.

    Well, welcome back. I usually just refresh the front page for anything; I rarely do anything on here anymore.
    Cool jams. I have your old Skype from a long time ago, but I have no clue if you ditched that one for a different account.

    I didn't even realize how long it's been (Two and a half years?). I've been a Mod for about a year now, but really, I don't do much.
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