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  • No problem. I should be on most of tomorrow also so hopefully can catch up then
    Hey, hope you had a good shift at work. Sorry I missed you today! Hectic at work. Hopefully we can catch each other online tomorrow. I still owe you a Mew after all. Let me know if your likely to be around.
    I shall be leaving work in a few mins so should be able to talk when I get home :)
    Is that 11 in the morning or at night? I think there is a 5 hour time zone difference from us. So 11, I think is 4 for me. I finish work at 5 and should be home at 5:30 my time. Will you be around? If so yeah we can chat.
    Sorry Alex, I ended up going to be as I was shattered. Are you free at all today?
    Ok, I think that will be about 11pm my time. I shall try and stay awake, sooo very tired. Over the past two days I have driven 250miles, been go-karting which caused some aches and pains, then had a few drinkies after wards and been sat in presentations! So if I am not around tonight then I should be around Friday night. ps, I have added you on 360 :)
    Yeah though I think that they are only second to Mario Galaxey graphics. Still could get more from it. I am really excited bout HGSS. I loved Gold and Silver and really can't wait for the remakes. When are you free for the Mew trade?
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