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  • Oh okay... Sorry dude, to be honest I do not know how long I can keep the shop going, stuff in real time is getting way out of hand right now.... been struggling to log on bulba each day as it is... which is a crying shame, as I love coming here to chat to all my friends... Hopefully college related things will settle down eventually
    Hey badal, I was wondering if it would be alright if I can make a new thread for the shop? Still continuing of course, just so that way I can update our new stock as and when it is needed :)
    yay, thanks for giving me the chance!:-D Also, I recently learnt to RNG(I am still learning it), so thats another thing i can contribute with.

    P.S you spelt my name wrong.;p
    So, is this Champion League thing a sort of tournament?

    And may we use PO for it? If so, how would I register?
    I'm going to have to sit this one out, the last one I was on break for..this one I just can't do with my timezone and workload
    "As of now, we are working on creating some sort of prize for the winners. As CommandurrClowncrete right said, bragging rights are surely one. Also, if you are a captain, you do get to pick your teams name."

    I could supply a prize, or prizes, if you'd like. I have numerous RNG breeds/captures of my own (from all generations. Although I barely have any on Gen. 3) that I'm willing to give :]
    I would, but for two reasons I can't:

    1: I have internet connection issues and can't connect when I'm at my house, meaning that I must leave my house to battle or trade or do anything. Since it's the dead of winter where I am, the walk over to where I can connect will be nasty and cold. As for the sim things, I don't like Pokemon Online.

    2: The real, important reason is that I am going into my senior highschool year, and I'm getting ready for college. I don't think I'll have time for this anymore.
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