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  • Happy Holidays, Sarah. I hope you have a very lovely one and that all has been well for you since last we spoke. :)
    Hey Sarah, I hope all has been great for you and that you have a commensurately great Thanksgiving/Turkey day (or what you prefer to celebrate today). :)
    Can you come on now? I just want to make sure this new messenger thingy I'm using actually picks you up, because I've never seen a single Yahoo contact come up, whereas I do see you on the other one sometimes :/
    Hmm. Probably "Just Because You Sleep Next To Me Doesn't Mean You're Safe". How about you?

    I'mma go out for a bit. ._.
    Have a nice morning/evening/afternoon/whatever it is.
    I have, I just come here to pester someone from time-to-time.

    Why do I never see you on Yahoo any more?
    Hi Sarah!!! It's going fantastic!!!! I'm so happy right now, you have absolutely no idea! I can't believe how wonderful life truly is now! :D How about you? <3
    It's the only song by them that I've listened too. xD The presentation your friend presented certainly increased my enjoyment of it.
    Damn, I should have reread that thread more carefully. xD Thank you very much for posting that video, I loved it. Never heard that song before, but after seeing that AMV it went on my iPod.
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