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  • By the way, I checked out your Friend Safari and your type is Poison with Swalot, Drapion, and Gloom. :)
    It's okay :) oh btw, remember when I told you I had a spare Continental to give you along with Polar? The spare one I have is actually High Plains. Is that okay?
    Also remember I'd like a female Modern and I'll give you Polar and my spare Continental for a random Pokemon. :) My FC is 1864-8930-3851.
    What's yours?
    Hi! How are you?

    Even though I got both games, Pokemon Y is the one I would get if I only got one. I really like Yvetal. I chose Chespin as my starter, what about you?
    I hate being sick. I pretty much only get sick with one thing, but that one thing is really devistating (it's not really life-threatning... I think), and no one knows exactly what it is. So yeah. I don't think it's fatal sense I had it so many times, and it's not contagues sense no one around me gets infected with it. But yeah.

    Anyway, Pokemon X and Y is totally fun. Which one did you pick?
    Hi! How are you?

    Sorry for being a little late. Was sick and stuff for the last couple of days. Anyway... Here.

    FC: 2337 3508 1976
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