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  • i learned omae from someone since i use omaera alot. lol
    so i thought it was okay for me to say since i wasnt japanese XD
    same with calling older people chan and kun~
    oh thanks~

    on the second one, i was thinking i didnt need the watashi wa when telling someone i like them XD

    (oh must be a cute thing but people dont mind chan XD)

    i actually found this site that helps with kanji and it makes the ones with 20 strokes not seem so scary lol
    Oh okay. I do hope to get better~
    I do speak to some Japanese people on twitter (like now) and even then I get emarssed that they will laugh at me.
    あああ、いいえ 「stubborn]じゃいないです。
    I sometimes get defensive when I feel that someone's saying I'm stupid. Someone did that to me when I was translating anime scans.

    I hope to be good one day but until then, I will keep practicing.

    I was wondering, when do you think you'll have a chance to give us more tidbits from the Takeshi Shudo anime novelizations? I definitely understand being busy and don't mean to rush you or anything but I was just curious if you could give an estimate for it or something. (the last time you gave us anything was 2010) Sorry if I'm bugging you since I don't mean to; it's just as far as I know you're the person who's given us the most info from the novels and the only one who even managed to make it to chapter 2. x3

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