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  • Well, it still is the first game in the generation. I honestly felt the Battle Frontier in HG/SS was cheap....no new facilities and everything was EXACTLY the same as Platinum. Not even a moveset upgrade. But that's forgivable considering you could pay for tutor moves with BP like you could in Emerald (they're still hella expensive but it's easier to amass BP than shards...)

    Emerald came out after FR/LG.

    And when all's said and done, I think we'll be too busy basking in the battle changes and testing everything than worrying about the frontier at first. There's a few very exciting things already. I'm most excited about the new abilities and changes to old ones.
    Eh, I think they're saving new facilities for the third game. We're used to the whole package, I guess. Remember that R/S and D/P only have the tower.
    Haha, honestly the Frontier is my first testing ground for things I breed. I actually had a pretty decent run at the Castle...like 70 something before I got haxed out of it. Crits are not my friend. :/
    Nope. It was so freaky. I happened a few times for me, but the good thing is that it doesn't seem to affect the higher rounds. Not that I lived long enough to find out lol!
    To be honest....I HAVE had things outrun me in the Battle Frontier in the past, without explanation. For example, I once had a Sceptile against a NPC Magmar. My Sceptile was Timid and max speed, so it wouldn't be a problem, right? Well...Magmar not only outruns me, but KOs with Fire Punch. And this was in the Battle Arcade, so no Scarf, no nothing. And the other dead Pokemon didn't use something like Trick Room or Tailwind or anything. It was really freaky. Similar things have happened but I can't think of them right now. I've never lost as a result of them, but it was a total cheat nonetheless.
    Oh, don't worry. I make good, practical EV sets. Certain Smogoners EV for random situational bullshit, most notoriously those speed EVs on a standard Vappy set that you really do not need.

    As far as I know, yes. Personal experience with a Zapdos.
    Yeah, but I think I'll run more calcs when I'm not busy. I'm a stickler for EV efficiency. I freak out if I don't think a spread does its job. xD

    Ah ok. I was just asking. If it works for you, keep it.

    Protect and Detect are considered the same as far as the game is concerned. So if you use Protect one turn, Detect will have the 50% chance of failing the next turn.
    Yeah, I was going to mention that you should rework Ape's spread, but I had to make sure you were welcoming outside input first! You really don't need so much SpA, especially since Overheat alone does so much. It's up to you how much damage you want to do. I ran a calc, and it's impossible to OHKO Gyara after Intimidate without Life Orb or rocks, and this is with max attack. Your current spread gets 61.6% - 73.7%. But it does a significant chunk, enough so that your other team members should be able to pick up the slack. Plus you can badly hurt other water types.

    Also, on Umbreon, has Sub really helped? I would imagine that Protect would be a better choice, not only to help with random Explosions and status, but give you a "breather" turn for Lefties.

    And I don't think the opponents get flawless IVs until the later rounds. I think it is precisely the second round after the second time you beat Palmer (round 56).
    I like the synergy they have. Synergy is extremely important because the game will spam one type teams if it senses any sort of weakness. I noticed you had a slash in Ape's last slot; if you don't mind my input, Thunderpunch is the better choice because there are more situations where it would be more useful whereas U-turn doesn't have the scouting utility it does in competitive play.

    And yeah, Ape = Rape. A ridiculously wide movepool compensates for above average but relatively mediocre offenses. It's amazing how much it can accomplish with them, especially with Mence and Latias banned.
    I used all kinds of things. I started with a Battle Frontier team of Crobat/Weavile/Medicham way back when, then copied a Registeel/Garchomp/Latios line-up, and all kinds of things in between. As for the time I lost to Honchkrow, I believe it was Scizor/Latios/Tyranitar. I greatly feared bulky waters, but the didn't do me in. Most recently, I had a decent Battle Castle run at 50 something with Gallade/Houndoom/Garchomp. I think I used Moltres in place of Houndoom in later rounds.

    Sure, I'm interested in knowing what you used, in particular Cresselia. Usually people like to start with a bulky supporter since the NPC neither switches nor uses Taunt. Most people prefer Uxie because it learns Yawn.
    Damn, that sucks. I've lost to worse though. Twice in the Battle Arcade...to a fucking Honchkrow. A Honchkrow!

    I think that's part of the challenge as well. Sometimes the game gives you weak Pokemon, like said Quilava, and then they throw strong shit at you to throw you off. When you get used to facing weak Pokemon, then fight stronger ones, it messes with your mentality.
    I didn't want to spam up the simple questions thread, so I'm VMing you with my BF rant. omfg the battle frontier fucking cheats on you i hate it i hate it i hate so fucking much. At least Gunk Shot isn't like a haxy move since Gengar has shit attack. But not only are your opponents programmed to have twice the critical hit and side effect rate, but in higher rounds the game specifically sends your team's weaknesses after you. And of course, the opponents know all your moves. What a load of shit and whoever programmed it is sadistic.
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