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  • Hey, I was hoping you could join this league we set up. It would be cool to have you on it!

    Also where are you :(
    I live in Owings Mills which is central Baltimore County. It's the suburbs basically but a lot of people consider it the bottom of the barrel for suburbs. It isn't nice as Columbia or Towson, but it's better than the inner city.
    I was raised in East Baltimore. I used to live in a small rowhouse on Latrobe street.

    I now live somewhere else.
    Do you actually live in Baltimore city, or do you live somewhere else and claim Baltimore?

    If you live there what part are you from? I was raised in Baltimore but I don't live there anymore.
    It's not likely to happen sadly. I'm actually shocked that if anyone brings it up, they will likely get flamed. I guess that people are so used to it that they can't fathom it being banned but it would radically change the metagame. It seems to be too late, but who knows. I do think it's a serious problem and one that hasn't even been addressed...Smogon would sooner test standard clauses than rocks and it's frustrating. People complain about how bad stall is, or how bloody offensive the metagame is, when they don't realize what the true culprit is. Seriously, things are specially tailored to OHKO or 2HKO with rocks and when that ability is removed, things are liable to shift around...
    I agree, but in my opinion the cons outweigh the benefits. Using Sash outside of a lead still requires significant prediction since one attack ruins it. The main problem is that Rapid Spin is very sparsely distributed and every user is stretched thin because they themselves are vulnerable to entry hazards. Only Claydol can claim to be truly safe from all of them, and it has way too many weaknesses to use in standard. Even fewer are prepared to deal with Ghost types. imo only Starmie is versatile enough to not need a team built around it but honestly most people just give up on trying to control them and that's why the metagame is skewed as a result.
    Moltres is a perfect example, and it's even more apparent now. The improved speed means that it doesn't have to rely on a Scarf like Heatran. I can't think of a better check to Infernape since it resists both STAB, or Scizor who can't hope for a lucky Superpower on a Heatran switch-in, or SD Luke who has to either resort to ES or pray on winning the speed tie if it's Jolly. With Mence gone and being faster than Dragonite, you can't claim that Heatran's steel typing gives it a significant advantage. Sure, it lacks Earth Power and you're weak to Rotom, but the metagame would be a lot less centered on something that relies so much on luck.
    Stealth Rock is an overall broken move because it hits EVERYTHING and punishes them, not just the Pokemon weak to rock. At least SS, Spikes, and Toxic Spikes have immunities. I have no idea why no one ever seriously considered banning it.Ugh.
    Well, at this point the best way is the counter with your own weather. I don't have a problem with weather in of itself, but this reliance on passive damage really needs to go. :/ There needs to be a more reliable method to getting rid of rocks, Spikes, and Toxic Spikes. Plus the commonness of sandstorm. I think you'll agree the problem is ridiculous (redonkulous?). That being said, despite what people think, Gamefreak is not completely blind to the competitive metagame so hopefully they'll notice and rectify this. I want the game to come back to "I want to use this because it's useful", not "I wish I could use this, but rocks rapes this thing up the ass or it's worn down too much by rocks and SS". *cough*Moltres does better against a number of common threats than Heatran*cough* Sure, some things could get out of hand, but it's not like banning is out of the question. And I would support the Mence ban under these circumstances if it manages to become a worse problem.
    Sturdy is amazing now, but it will make Forretress usage ridiculously high (and possibly Donphan). Every Pokemon with Sturdy will benefit because all are immune to Sandstorm....which means that they are pretty much guaranteed a turn of set up.

    Hydration for Vaporeon sounds nice, but I still prefer Water Absorb. It can be easily stopped since it only takes effect at the end of the turn so if your opponent wants to spite you, they can always switch in some sort of auto-weather. It's very likely they will introduce more auto-weather inducers, so who knows. But rain teams are a huge contender in every tier but standard OU, so maybe next gen it'll make its mark on standard.
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