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  • Hiiiiii Velo~ Airik said you were gonna drop his run, & since he only has 4 encounters left, I can finish it up 'cause I imagine it won't take long anyways. I just need the encounter list~
    That really sucks Jello im sorry its like this too but you gotta have your priorities (why arnt i one of them we could of been together damnit lol ok just kidding) no its all good ill try and grab another ranger today some time
    I was just cursing you because i saw you logged off AIM and i was like meh cos i didnt get a chance to talk to u
    Oh cool i just watched the first two Riddick movies really looking forward to the third coming out soon. if you get your pages up on your deviant art or your tumblr or whatever id love a sneak peak
    hey Jello thanks for posting ill probably have a response up within 6-12 hours :D hope your well hows your comic going
    Oh whats this i have posted again mwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha - a mighty impressive evil laugh if i do say so myself
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