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  • Muddeeeehhhh...did you still wanna do your run in the Main RP? Both my run and the one I'm doing w/ Pro are pretty slow so I have some free time.

    Hey Muddy! Just saw that we got paired up in the gym tourney and was wondering when a good time to battle would be for you. I know it's the holiday season and people are busy, so I want to acommodate you as best as I can =D
    Could have sworn I counted those...will double-check now though.

    Found the issue, fixed.
    Just wanted to let you know that exams will be eating my time, so I won't be able to post in your run for at least a week. Sorry about that.
    That's okay! I totally understand that. I'm in meltdown mode for all my finals too @_@ I took long enough to post anyway, so save it for when you can! I'm not in a rush.
    Hey. I want to apologize for not being able to defend the Nimbasa gym against you. I felt that I had to let it go because I was unable to defend it properly and I refuse to give out easy wins. I hope you can understand. Hopefully I'll be able to obtain a gym under the new system and we can battle then. But even then, I am still doubtful that I'll get another gym =-/
    Ahh, alright. xD I just figured I'd ask you if you wanted to. No worries, I can always go on my own or find some other victim. :p
    Hey, if you're still interested in doing a team RP, I'm still willing to do it. I want to try and wait until Gen 6 gets implimented, since I kinda want to try and get a Honedge. >.>; If that's fine with you, since I left you hanging awhile back I kind of want to give you priority. :x
    Sorry about this but a forum battle isn't possible right now. Syn and I had to move our battle to the forum last night. When it is finished or once it is moved back to AIM I'll be able to make the thread. In the event I do forget (which can happen with my memory) please remind me and I'll set it up ASAP. Again, sorry about this.
    Sure. Though with talk of Gyms changing and the region my Gym is in being removed, it might not be worth it. But I shall set up the thread with the rules. Unfortunately, not much will get accomplished at this moment because I have to take my son to school and go to bed because I've been up all night. I'll post the thread with the rules and tag you in it.
    Hi, could my run be stopped? I don't feel like continuing the run anymore. Do I have to post about quitting, or is it in your "hands"?
    Hello yes I am dense and I just now realized that I didn't need to write up a whole RP post to end my run so would you mind simply ending the run? Please and thank you.

    I would say that you can use the voucher at the end of the battle. It seems the most fair, and I don't think anybody will get too upset either way, so let's just go with that.
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