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  • [Message about URPG, as requested on IRC. Feel free to ask any questions you might have!]
    Whoa that's cool! I want to check it out in person now.

    Nope, I am solely VGC haha. Do you guys have your teams ready?
    Ah yes, my mistake. I went and it was a riot! There were so many people, and the lineups for the merchandise store alone covered the whole floor. I even won a mini VGC tournament there!
    Hm, how does that work?
    Sure, you can do that! It will help me keep track of it too.

    Awesome! Hopefully I will be joining you guys next year, and maybe we will meet up at some regionals this year too! Ah so you guys play both TCG and VGC? Also, did you guys attend Worlds last year in D.C.?
    Yeah I am interested.
    The Pokemon Challenge sounds quite interesting! Unfortunately I won't be able to make it this Saturday. Hopefully another time!
    How do the battles take place though? Do you guys use the link cables? Also, what are the rules/format for the tournament?

    Oh the Regionals! I might be able to go to that one, but I will get back to you. Do you guys go to events like regionals often?
    Oh, what kind of events? And I live relatively close to College Park by still a bit far (40-50 minute drive) but not very close to Fairfax, VA.
    Hey how's it going man? Looks like I will be joining you at UMD next year!
    Neat! So you were born in India? And approximately how long did you stay in each country?
    Well, I'm going camping every weekend in October. Last weekend was fun, because my reckless cousin was there, but the combination of rain, boredom, and not having company made me play computer the whole time. You can guess that my parents weren't exactly thrilled.
    I was camping for the weekend, so I couldn't respond, sorry. As for events, I've got the pumpkaboo, but the gengar comes out tomorrow for my area. the Diancie one comes out on the 26, as far as I know. And, yeah, Havre De Grace is hard to find. (Which is Ironic, considering it was supposed to be our nations capital) I'm just glad to find someone who understands what living here's like.
    Oh! Flaze decided to close the roleplay himself. Though normally, if a roleplay is inactive for two weeks, I ask the GM if they want to continue through PM. If they don't post in the thread or reply to me, the roleplay is deemed dead. There's a bit more info about this and other situations in the directory! Thank you for asking :)
    Nope, I only recently moved here actually.

    I have lived in India then Canada then the US.
    Havre De Grace. I don't live in the actual town, I live in the country around it. Basically, 333 Middle of Nowhere DR.
    But it's nice and quiet here. I like that.
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