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  • Like a paper bag floating in the wind...except it's plastic.

    Show me, and I will dislike it ironically.
    Like a cat?

    Have you heard of Pitchfork? They were so unpopular, but they're mainstream ironically.
    Do you use real-world animals and not battle with them?

    But he'd still sell out to the corporate fatcats.
    That's what I thought. So hipster, yo. I bet you wear a hoodie and use a Tranquill ironically.

    We need to go to Johto and kidnap Celebi; it'll be able to help him.
    Peh, that's what all you hipsters say. How do you feel about labels?

    He's a bitch; he got so pissed off when my Blitzle accidentally ripped up his accordian with her electo-mohawk.
    That's hipster lingo, boy! I shoulda been able to tell you were one of them when I saw your Unovan Apparel clothing.
    I want to catch a Gothitelle and name him Buffy, after the vampire slyaer.
    Ever notice that Gothita looks like a goth Smoochum?

    Cool! I wish there was a mafia-themed Nuckloze challenge. Well, one that lasts 'till the end.
    I would love to name a team after various conditions and diseases. If I didn't name my new Munna after the warrior princess, I coulda named her Scabies.
    I taught my friend how to catch a Pokemon - the first thing she caught was a Pelliper that know Spit up and Swallow.
    They suffered in life longer than you have.

    Inorite? The starters here are assbutt; medriocre stats, bad movepools, and meh designs.

    Maybe it would have tracked the Pokeball down? It could broke the ball and trapped Piplup inside!
    Or I punch them because I am older, and demand their respect.

    Nah, the thing's too damn slow. I'm a speedy guy.

    But if it's fed by fan-hate, why only Piplup? Dawn, Brock, Kenny, all would have been hit at one point or another.
    One of them got mad at me for wearing pants. I remember that in Gen I and maybe III. The fact that he doesn't say anything to the shorts-wearing character in Gen II/IV means that shorts are cool and...Where was I going with this again?

    I guess the kindest thing I could do besides putting him out of his misery would be to release him.

    You know when Ash's Gible kept hitting Piplup with Draco Meteor? Do you think it was an accident?
    I like my jeans and sweat pants because they're comfortable and breathe easily.

    Even I think it's cruel to make him drink whatever milk he can make...Maybe I'm that cruel, yes.
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