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  • I wonder if there are enough Sewaddle and Mareep in the world to help produce shorts for all the youngsters?

    Also, I named my Oshabutt Bitch Titts.
    I honestly thought Uranus was Ellen Degeneres. They look too similar.

    My mom spends her birthday alone because she spent too much time getting drunk and partying. It's her fault she never used Protect...ion.
    Better it than some generic cute thing, of which we have plenty. It's diversity in the right direction, Trip.

    The first one I ever watched, actually. I had a crush on Sailor Venus.

    Yes. It's part of my latest blog entry. I loved the face so much that I decided to use it for a little bit.
    Tell him about how they're getting more violent nowadays - Hunter J, child abuse, abusing our senses with the hideous likes of Oshawott and Stunfisk...

    They don't like it. But my brother-in-law got into Yu-Gi-Oh! and Sailor Moon. :}
    I'm real close to my oldest and second-oldest sisters, since I grew up with them (out oldest was loke our mom.) I was close-ish with my oldest brother before he became a moody teenager. My third- and fourth-oldest sisters are fun to talk to. I talk to my older half-brother and half-sister when I visit my dad's place and they stop over- my half-sister is having twins. I'm trying to get my youngest sister into Pokemon. She loves the idea of beating people up, and she loves the cute Pokemon.
    XD That was hilarious, Trip. And as for the blood - it never dawned on me as to where the blood came from. That actually kind of creepys me out, there's no explanation why it's covered in blood.

    I think he tried to make a cuter Drowzee line that's less creepy, but his fear led him to make this line.
    I didn't have to clean up the mess. :3

    Its eyes are unholy. I even drew art for it, and I only needed to take a few liberties to make the thing look creepy.
    I know that I'm banned from using Pokemon that know Dream Eater or Nightmare, after the incident with my Hauter; he went into a Pichu's dream and murdered it from the inside-out.

    Have you seen Musharna? It has such damn creepy eyes. I get my hands on one of those, even those Pokemon will be creeped out.

    Oh yeah, and the Dream Mist or whatever.
    Not yet, anyway. And once I get my hands on all the legendaries...hehehe.

    Bah, those things are wimps that die easily. I'm sure they won't be a ptoblem when we take over the water.
    Lol. It seems kind of unfair that you automatically can't change the name of a pokemon you got in a trade. I know there's some guy in one of the games who says that the name is a reflection of the original trainer's feelings for it, but what if the original trainer named it something really cruel (like Dicks) and you're just trying to do it a favour? :p

    The only ones who'd change their names to everyday monikers like Joe or Dave are probably those who have something to hide. I'd instantly be suspicious of them.

    Oh yeah, I remember Bemused. I didn't put it together than you were the same person, though.
    Now that I think about it...My Galvantula from my last game might have taken it. He was spitting out feathers for a while.

    There's a thought: a Pokemon mafia. :D
    I have about three Honchkrow, actually. Two Don Karasu's, one Crowbert. As for Kingler: I was going to train one, but Black and White showed up. Oh well, maybe in Unova...

    You know Skyla? Yeah, I taught her how to deal with that Pokemon on the tower: I advised her to grab the fainted Pokemon, then throw it off the fountain. I never saw in on the ground, so the shock woke it up. Or maybe something ran off with it.

    Oops, forgot. XP I have an assignment to do, but I just might drop the class.
    I had a mafia-themed team in HeartGold. I suppose the turtle, wearing a vest, would be a perfect fit.

    I also got a Krokorok. I thought he'd be able to at least stall in Elesa's Gym. But he ate her Emolga and beat her Zebstrike to the ground.

    I didn't name him Fuggles, but Bernice. I'm going to keep him until he isn't useful, then throw him off the highest point of Victory Road.

    And what about you? How many Badges do you have?
    I love Nutella, and I want one of those eels. Unfortunately, I have no room for the eel, now that I found this nifty and rare Pokemon called Archen.

    An Oshabutt? Yeah, and now he's a Dewott.
    I remember how befuddled I was when playing Blue that the Name Rater liked the name "Dux" so much. It took me a while to figure out that you couldn't change the names of traded Pokemon. Meaning that the only Lickitung in the whole game was stuck with having the same name as my older brother. :p

    There was nothing unfortunate about his name - he just wanted to add in "Raphael" as an extra middle name.

    What was your original name? Either way, you're current one is cool. :)
    Ah, but wouldn't Max Fightmaster exceed the ten character limit? ;)

    I have a friend who had to pay something in the way of £15.00 to slightly modify his name.
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