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  • I know! It's so cute :3 ! I was also really impressed with Vector's dub voice. I didn't think they'd be able to capture his personality but they did perfectly.
    Well, that's good. Good luck with catching up.

    Is Durbey your favorite ZeXal character now?
    I'm so sorry :( ! You have my condolences. It's really hard losing a family member, I've never lost a close family member, but I have lost a close family-friend who was really special to me. It's tough, but things will start to get better, and there are still great other things in life. If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm here. It's good that you have your routine. I hope college is going alright.
    Yeah, I forgot that this one is an actual death.

    Although they can pretty much do what you said.
    Merry Christmas! No prob, lots of people are inactive.

    That is not the definition of allright. What about Haruto and Faker? Even Heartland showed up!
    Hello. It's been a while, sorry for not VMing as much but school eats up time.

    So, how have you been and how is ZEXAL going for you?
    I can't wait :D !! I'm gonna listen to the songs so much!! I also can't wait ta see the cool animation for 'em X) !!

    Yeah, I think they look nice. I'm excited ta see them more clearly soon XD .
    Hiya :) . One more episode in this arc, then new OP and ED O_O . Oh, what ya think about the Barian forms??
    Yeah, I love that one :D !! I gotta watch the sub sometime- I suck at keeping up ^^; . I'm freaking out with joy :') !!
    I can't either :D !! When DoM and GWGW came out, I literally spent the entire day, aside from leaving for a short while to get lunch at a cafe, replaying them XD !!
    Aw- lucky XD . I don't have too many classes today. I'm still super sleepy, though.

    Did ya hear- OP= Wonder Wings by Diamond☆Yukai ED= Challenge the GAME by REDMAN??
    No school, and plenty of ZeXal :D !!

    That's... so sad ;_; . Please writers, cut Shark a little slack sometime :'( !! Well, at least he's getting a lot of focus, and his story should be interesting.
    Wow. Dang, that's frustrating :\ .

    Can't wait for Sunday! School's overwhelming already.
    That's good to hear. Ah, that's a shame :\ . Wow. Yeah, I have all seven classes today. Ah, cool. Hm, yeah, ZeXal II's good at taring people's hearts in half ;-; . I have confidence that Shark and Rio'll find a way to save the Barians, though. I'm really glad their alive again, at least (especially Iris). Astral and Yuma's reunion was the cutest thing I've ever seen ;_; . I'm so happy they're back together.
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