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  • I did something like that. Though that was on Serebii Forums and I'm somewhat active on there again.
    I see. The name sounded a bit familiar to yours in my head and I just noticed "Stratelier" was typed on the top left corner of the page right after I asked. I still remember seeing your Mega Absol drawing back during X/Y's pre-release and thinking "Dang, this is so cool!".

    I'm still a bit surprised finding you on here. xD
    Hello, I saw that your friend safari has two Pokemon that I planed to IV breed to form a team in the future. I already added you as a friend, my friend code is-

    Hi, would like to add you to friends for Friend Safari

    FC- 2852-8477-5690
    NNID- Who Cares
    IGN- Time
    FS- Normal, Dunsparce, Minccino, Ditto
    Haha I did add myself unfortunately I screwed up on the FC so it's supposed to be 1719-4578-6110 not the one it said.
    Hello my I ask to exchange FCs. I want to get the Meditite and Throh in your Safari. Mine is Dark with Mightyena, Crawdaunt, and Absol. If it's not too much trouble.
    Hello, I was wondering If I could add you to my friends list on the 3DS for your safari, I saw your thing on the doc. and a safari with a Tyrogue would be very useful for me.

    If I can please let me know. My friend code is 3754-7345-5247
    Hmmm, sounds like you're breeding Shinx to death atm xD

    Thank you again for that Riolu ^^ Make sure the replacement dream ball HA Eevee doesn't get lost in bank or in your pc x)
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