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A Final Fantasy x Pokémon game


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Mar 20, 2024
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  1. He/Him
I have an ambitious idea about fusing FInal Fantasy XIII and Pokemon together. I am a huge fan of these specific FF games. Basically, the combat system will be inspired from FF XIII -- where it is half turn and real time. The highlight features:
  • Each pokemon can learn certain Paradigm Roles, depending on their learn sets (Paradigm roles)
    • E.g. Wobbuffet can only be SENTINEL -- its job is to protect themselves and allies, as they draw attention of enemies from its teammates.
  • Your Pokemon in double or triple battle are AI controlled. They can be optionally customized to tailor your battle style and various scenarios.
  • The development system may be different
    • A pokemon with an assigned role will have its own unique level system.
These are just the surface ideas. I am happy to discuss more in-depth with you.
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